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    Tips for Parents & Guardians

    1. Activate your account 

    • Click the link in your activation email/text, or sign up on parentsquare.com or via the ParentSquare app.

    2. Download App

    • It's easy to stay in the loop with the ParentSquare app. Download it now for iOS or Android devices.

    3. Set Preferences

    • Click your name in the top right to set your notification and language preferences.

    4. Get Photos & Files

    • Click 'Photos & Files' in sidebar to access pictures, forms, and documents that have been shared with you.

    5. Appreciate Posts

    • Click 'Appreciate' in your email/app or website to thank a teacher or staff member for a post.

    6. Comment or Reply

    • Click 'Comment' in app or website to privately ask a question about the post that your teacher or school sent.

    7. Participate

    • Click 'Sign Ups & RSVPs' in the sidebar to see available opportunities. Click bell on top to check your commitments.

    8. Join a Group

    • Click 'Groups' in the sidebar to join a group or committee at your school to participate or stay up to date.

    9. Find People

    • Click 'Directory' in the sidebar to find contact information for school staff.

    10. Get in Touch

    • Click 'Messages' in the sidebar to privately get in touch with staff and teachers.