Elementary band and orchestra program

  • Band and orchestra programs are available to all fifth-grade students. Specific information will be sent through ParentSquare, but here are a few helpful resources: 



    The instruction book needed for band is Accent on Achievement Book 1 (specific to your instrument)  
    Here is a list of band instruments and the supplies needed:

    • Clarinet - cork grease, size 2 reeds, cleaning swab
    • Saxophone - cork grease, size 2 reeds, cleaning swab
    • Flute - cleaning swab and cleaning rod
    • Trumpet - valve oil, slide grease
    • Baritone - valve oil, slide grease
    • Trombone - slide grease or slide oil
    • Percussion (snare drum & bell set) - Vic Firth 5A drumsticks, hard mallets for bells


    The instruction book needed is String Basics (specific to your instrument)
    Here is a list of string instruments and the supplies needed:

    • Cello - rosin, cleaning cloth, rock stop/donut 
    • Violin or viola - collapsible shoulder rest, rosin, cleaning cloth

    *Horizon Elementary Orchestra - 2 kitchen sponges with scrubby side instead of shoulder rest


    To rent an instrument for your student, you can go to any music store that you would like. However, we have listed a few vendors that families have used in the past. You can visit their store or rent an instrument online. If you rent online, your student’s instrument and any supplies that you purchase online will be delivered to your student’s school prior to the beginning of the band or orchestra program which begins on September 25, 2023. Please read the following instructions before selecting your online vendor. Vendors are listed below.  

    Here is a list of instruments that you may choose from:

    Band: Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute, Trumpet, Baritone, Trombone, Percussion (snare drum & bell set)
    Orchestra: Violin, Viola, Cello

    *Although you will see other instruments listed on the vendor websites, we provide class instruction only on the specific instruments listed above. 

    Kennelly Keys  
    4918 196th St. SW, Lynnwood

    Kennelly Keys  
    7903 Evergreen Way, Everett

    Click on “RENTAL”
    -Type in Mukilteo School District
    -Select your student’s school
    -Enter your student’s name
    -Select “Band or Orchestra”
    -Follow instructions to complete your instrument rental and supply purchase.  

    Music and Arts 
    10120 Main St., Bothell

    Click on red "Let's Go!" button to start rental process
    -Follow on-screen prompts to select your school, grade, etc.
    -Select your rental plan. You have the option of removing liability and damage waiver, but it cannot be added on later. However, you can cancel it at any time. 
    -Select the teacher recommended supplies you wish to purchase (supplies will be specific to each instrument)
    -After confirming your order, you can create a new online account for your rental
    -Make sure the option to "pick up at school" is marked in both shipping sections and complete your order

    See band and orchestra teachers and schedule.