• Cosmetology

    Cosmetology Program Syllabus

    Cosmetology Program Video

    This is an introductory course offered on the Sno-Isle TECH campus. Students will practice basic cosmetology services such as shampooing/draping, hair analysis/treatment, hair cutting, natural nail care, basic skin care, temporary hair removal, wet styling, thermal styling, permanent waving, chemical relaxing, hair coloring and lightening, safety measures and decontamination control in a closely supervised lecture/lab class.

    Students practice on models, mannequins, and each other. The curriculum framework is provided by the Everett Community College Cosmetology Program.

    This class has a $100.00 lab fee (covers cost of mannequin heads, tools, etc.)

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    Culinary Arts Baking & Pastry

    Culinary Arts Baking & Pastry Program Syllabus

    Baking & Pastry Program Video

    Are you someone who spends holidays and events bringing the dessert everyone wants? Do you wonder what it would take to bake for a living? If so, the Culinary Arts Baking and Pastry Program could be for you! It is designed to put students in the shoes of a professional baker or pastry chef. These students produce the baked goods for our Culinary Arts Training Grounds Café, Le Bistro Restaurant, and catering events for our local community.

    Students gain hands-on experience building an extensive repertoire of pastries, breads, and desserts: pies, cakes, laminated pastries, and various breads. Our kitchen has a new bake shop equipped with multiple Hobart and KitchenAid mixers, a dough sheeter, convection oven, proof box, and deck oven. While students practice making pastries for real life deadlines in our outlets, they work together to improve their communication and collaboration skills. Students also learn the why's behind the how’s. We investigate the science of baking as well as break down the calculations needed for real life mathematical scenarios in the kitchen.

    This class is a great springboard for creating interest in food science and other culinary pathways. Commercial Baking and Pastry allows the student’s passion to drive the learning and application of knowledge.

    Email: wrightcf@mukilteo.wednet.edu

    Phone: 425.356.6678

    Culinary Arts Production & Service

    Culinary Arts Production & Service Program Syllabus

    Production & Service Program Video

    Great restaurants are known for their chefs, and great chefs are known for their education. The Culinary Arts Service and Production Program at Sno-Isle TECH Skills Center lets you experience and learn what it is like working in a real restaurant – our own! This is a fast-paced, hands-on class, with emphasis on Contemporary Culinary Techniques, under the direction of a professional chef.

    Understand what makes good food great and what makes great food outstanding. Get a glimpse of the skills needed to manage a business. Discover the fun of making wonderful food, providing professional service, and learning valuable, marketable skills. Successful students can also earn up to 11 college credits for this course through the EdCC CTE Dual Credit program for Culinary Arts.

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    Fashion & Merchandising

    Fashion & Merchandising Program Syllabus

    Fashion & Merchandising Program Video

    The world of fashion and merchandising is exciting, fast-paced, and creative. The Fashion and Merchandising program surveys the fashion industry with emphasis in retail, wholesale, manufacturing, and design. Did you ever wonder how the fashion industry works? How are designers inspired to create their clothing lines? What does it take to produce a fashion show?

    You will gain practical knowledge by creating displays, designing a line of clothing, producing a fashion show, studying the history of fashion and the textile industry. In a professional setting with like-minded classmates, students create and market businesses and clothing lines, run and promote an embroidery and clothing business, plan and execute special events and fashion shows, as well as visit local industries to gain career focus. Learn first hand the skills needed to succeed in the business!

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  • Early Childhood Education

    Early Childhood Ed Program Syllabus

    Early Childhood Ed Program Video

    Early Childhood Education (ECE) will explore the foundations of early learning. Students will examine theories defining the field, issues, trends, best practices, and program models. ECE is a year-long course that provides daily opportunities to develop and practice skills essential for successful teaching in the field of Early Childhood Education. Classroom learning will focus on understanding the learner, child development, planning instruction, best practices in teaching and assessment strategies, and preparation for the Washington State Paraeducator Certification. Students will understand how culture, equity, and opportunity are key to building a healthy learning community. Students from Mukilteo district will engage in daily job-shadowing experiences at Pathfinder Kindergarten/Pre-School-Center that include how to personalize learning, play to learn, social and emotional development, and behavior support.

    The Sno-Isle TECH Early Childhood Education program is a unique program being offered at Sno-Isle TECH where students from day one will be learning at Pathfinder Kindergarten Center. Students in the Early Childhood Education program will train for Early Childhood Education & Para Educator roles with the opportunity to earn 12 college credits at EvCC, giving a head start on their college career. Our students will also participate in STARS training and will be given the opportunity to sit for the Para Educator Certification exam with OSPI during the course.

    This will be held as a satellite program in various districts. Please check with your school counselor for availability in your district.

    Email: smithva@mukilteo.wednet.edu

    Phone: 425.356.6678

    Criminal Justice

    Criminal Justice Program Syllabus

    Criminal Justice Program Video

    Sno-Isle TECH Criminal Justice students explore a wide variety of careers in law enforcement and the criminal justice system. Guest speakers from various career fields expose students to the many different career opportunities in criminal justice. Field trips will allow students to visit locations where they can see how jobs function to maintain the criminal justice system. Students who successfully complete this program can earn up to 10 college credits from EVCC’s College in the High School program, at a cost of approximately $220.

    Subjects include Introduction to Criminal Justice and Criminal Investigations. Students will have the unique opportunity to engage in the practical application of police tactics including defensive tactics, weapons defense, handcuffing, lethal and non-lethal weapon application, crime scene investigations, fingerprinting, evidence processing and collection, as well as subject contact and investigations. Student assessments consist of skill demonstrations and mock scenarios that simulate police incidents which officers respond to every day. Students accepted into this program must display an above average level of maturity and integrity.

    Email: travismx@mukilteo.wednet.edu

    Phone: 425.356.2202

    Fire Service Tech

    Fire Service Tech Program Syllabus

    Fire Service Tech Program Video

    If you want to be a structural or wildland Firefighter as well as develop your self-confidence, leadership, and teamwork, then register for Fire Service Technology. This program follows the I.F.S.T.A. (International Fire Service Training Association) Essentials Curriculum while teaching firefighting skills.

    Students will work in a classroom setting as well as outside in inclement weather, completing manipulative activities. Good communication skills, attitude, and a desire to work hard are essential for success in this program. It is a physically demanding program; because of this, students can earn a PE equivalency credit from most sending schools, as well as a Science equivalency credit. Students also have the opportunity to earn up to 11 college credits via EvCC Dual Credit program if they complete the class with a grade of B or better!

    Email: millerej@mukilteo.wednet.edu

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  • Animation

    Animation Program Syllabus

    Animation Program Video

    Students learn to design and create animations for both video and video games using a combination of traditional art, digital 2D computer programs, and 3d animation software. This course prepares students for skills necessary for production level art and animation.

    Strong drawing skills are not needed. Such skills will be developed and refined as you progress throughout the program.

    Email: lumsdenlx@mukilteo.wednet.edu

    Phone: 425348.2242

    Computers, Servers & Networking

    CSN Program Syllabus for First Years

    CSN Program Syllabus for Second Years

    CSN Program Video

    IT is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. If you are interested in a challenging, changing, dynamic career, apply for Computers, Servers, and Networking. Earn college credits while you learn in a challenging, hands-on environment with a dynamic, industry-certified instructor, passionate about technology. We work with a variety of industry-standard equipment, learning how to troubleshoot, repair, build, and rebuild computers. We then move on to building and controlling networks. The course helps prepare students for industry standard certifications from Comptia, Microsoft, and Cisco.

    Students who are successful in this program have a passion for computer technology, a strong desire to learn, strong reading skills, the ability to read and follow directions, and are ready to further develop critical thinking, troubleshooting, and teamwork skills. Successful students can earn up to 25 college credits through the local community colleges dual credit programs.

    This class has a $40.00 lab fee.

    Email: klementsentl@mukilteo.wednet.edu

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    Electronics Engineering Technology

    EET Program Syllabus

    EET Program Video

    What do surveillance cameras, engine controls, and the Mars Rover have in common? They all use electronics engineering technology and require highly skilled engineers and technicians to build, program, repair, and maintain. Electronics Engineering Technology Program students learn to build and troubleshoot using circuit drawings, prototyping boards and test equipment.

    Learn to program and build a movable robot with your hardware and software. Learn to solder and build your own telephone or binary clock. Cross-crediting in Math for Algebra 2 or Third year Math may be available, along with more than 35 college credits. Field trips are offered each quarter to learn more about opportunities in this diverse career field.

    Pre-requisite: Successful completion of Algebra 1.

    Email: RodriquezTN@mukilteo.wednet.edu

    Phone: 425.348.2234

    Video Game Design

    Video Game Design Program Syllabus

    Video Game Design Program Video

    Students in the Video Game Design program learn to design and create video games using trigonometry and higher math, computer programming in C#, as well as 2D computer animation. This course prepares students for skills necessary for two of the video game industry’s biggest needs: qualified video game designers and programmers.

    Strong programming skills are not needed. Such skills will be developed and refined as you progress throughout the program. This is a math intensive program. Successful completion of Algebra 1 is a pre-requisite.  Equivalency credit is available in this class for a 3rd year Math credit. 

    Pre-requisite: Successful completion of Algebra 1.

    Email: herrerasturmdl@mukilteo.wednet.edu

    Phone: 425.348.2233

  • Dental Assisting

    Dental Assisting Program Syllabus

    Dental Assisting Program Video

    Would you like to be considered a professional right out of high school? Dental Assisting is a fascinating blend of health, science and people skills. Students gain experience in many employable traits such as teamwork, communication, and technical skills for their successful transition into the dental profession. The program includes pre-clinical and clinical sciences combined with hands-on experience in our onsite dental clinic! You may discover your passion for dentistry and continue your education to become a dental hygienist or dentist.

    All health class students need to declare proof of insurance for internships.

    Pre-requisite: Successful completion of Biology and Health classes.

    Email: BeeboutKM@mukilteo.wednet.edu

    Phone: 425.348.2228

    Medical Assisting

    Medical Assisting Program Syllabus

    Medical Assisting Program Video

    Do you want a medical career with endless opportunities? The Medical Assisting course is a starting point to begin a career in the medical field. Learn the language of doctors, nurses, and health care professionals. This course involves a curriculum of medical terminology, administrative focus, basic clinical skills, and a second semester internship! Successful completion of a high school health class and biology class is required prior to attending this program.

    Learn to take blood pressure, temperature, pulse, respiration, height, weight; perform vision screening, surgical scrub, CPR, First-Aid, medical instruments and office skills. Students in this course will complete an internship during the second semester, working in a hospital or clinic setting. Therefore, a grade of 80% or better is required by completion of the first semester to continue the course. Successful students can also earn up to 18 college credits through the LWIT dual credit program, or up to 15 college credits through the EvCC dual credit program by completing this course with a grade of B or better.

    All health class students must declare proof of insurance for internships.

    Pre-requisite: Successful completion of Biology and Health classes.

    Email: lejx@mukilteo.wednet.edu

    Phone: 425.348.2231

    Nursing Assistant

    Nursing Assistant Program Syllabus

    Nursing Assistant Dress & Appearance

    Nursing Assistant Clinical Requirements

    Nursing Assistant Program Video

    Wondering if a career in nursing or healthcare is right for you? The Nursing Assistant program at Sno-Isle TECH is a perfect opportunity to explore the many career opportunities in the healthcare profession! The Nursing Assistant course provides a comprehensive overview of the science and skills necessary to begin a career in many different healthcare professions. In this fast-paced course, you will have the opportunity to gain critical knowledge and practice hands-on patient care skills. Later in the year, students provide care to patients in a nursing facility setting during their clinical internship experience.

    By successfully completing the course, students qualify to take the state nursing assistant certification exam. A Certified Nursing Assistant credential opens many doors in the healthcare field. Nursing Assistants are immediately employable after passing the certification exam. Having experience often provides an advantage to students applying to LPN or RN college programs. Students can also earn 10 college credits at Everett Community College or 17 credits at Edmonds Community College via the Dual Credit programs.

    This is a Washington State Nursing Assistant Certified (NAC) Training Program, recognized by the Washington State Nursing Commission.

    All health class students need to declare proof of insurance for internships.

    Pre-requisite: Successful completion of Biology and Health classes.

    Email: jacksonlj@mukilteo.wednet.edu

    Phone: 425.348.2227

    Pharmacy Tech

    Pharmacy Tech Program Syllabus

    Pharmacy Tech Program Video

    Are you interested in the world of medicine? Do you thrive in a fast-paced work environment? Join our Pharmacy Tech program. It is ideal for students who enjoy working with people and have a great sense of detail and communication.

    In this program, students will focus on the necessary skills to be successful in the Pharmacy Technician field. Students will learn this industry using in-class labs, practice assignments, and a PAID apprenticeship.  Students will acquire workplace skills and professionalism, as well as understanding of pharmacy compliance laws, patient confidentiality, how to classify various pharmaceutical drugs, how to interpret and process prescriptions, and perform pharmacy calculations for various dilutions, dosages, and conversions.

    The Pharmacy Technician program will require strong math and reading skills, to complete daily pharmacy calculations and read materials, including medical technical text. This class is perfect for those who enjoy working with people, have strong communication skills, prefer working on their feet and have strong critical thinking skills and self-motivation. Students will prepare for their Pharmacy Technician Exam and participate in a paid apprenticeship during the program, giving them a real-life sense of this career path! Students must provide their own transportation to and from the apprenticeship site or can ride public transportation.

    Pre-requisites: Due to the apprenticeship and testing requirements, this program is only open to incoming seniors who will be turning 18 years of age on or before August 31st of the summer after program completion.

    Email: grinersc@mukilteo.wednet.edu

    Phone: 425.356.6678

    Veterinary Assistant

    Veterinary Assisting Program Syllabus

    Veterinary Assisting Program Video

    The Veterinary Assisting Program is ideal for you if you’re interested in an animal-related career. Theory and skills needed to become veterinary assistants are taught here, as well as investigating other careers and advanced schooling available in the veterinary field.

    You will gain experience through classroom activities and daily handling of our resident animals. This takes place in a realistic setting on campus that models worksites in the industry. You will use your classroom knowledge and skill as you complete an internship at a local animal care facility during your second semester.

    All health class students need to declare proof of insurance for internships.

    Pre-requisite: Successful completion of Biology and Health classes.

    Email: kuehnjl@mukilteo.wednet.edu

    Phone: 425.348.2241

  • Advanced Manufacturing

    Advanced Manufacturing Program Syllabus

    Advanced Manufacturing Program Video

    Advanced Manufacturing prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills in all aspects of shaping metal parts.

    Instruction involves making computations relating to work dimensions, tooling and feeds and speeds of machining. Emphasis is placed upon bench work and the operation of lathes, power saws, milling machines, grinders, drills and computer operated equipment (CNC). Instruction also includes the use of precision measuring instruments such as layout tools, micrometers and gauges; methods of machining and heat treatment of various metals; blueprint reading; and the layout of machine parts. Instruction prepares students to operate all types of hand and computer-controlled machines.

    Instruction is split between academic theory and practical applications. In this pursuit, students are assigned projects which become more and more advanced as skills are mastered. These skills will be tested with written, virtual, and real-world quizzes, tests, exams, and projects.

    This course is heavily reliant upon mathematics and spatial orientation. It is critical that the student learn to envision 3D environments and related material science concerning work holding, machine processing, material removal, inter-part relationships, and fits and tolerances to be successful. The students will progress from hand tools through conventional power machinery and computer-operated machine tools throughout the course.

    Students will work independently and in teams on projects. In this vein, the student gains experience with teamwork in a dynamic environment. By assuming the roles of team members as well as team leaders, roles related to real world manufacturing environments are emphasized and encouraged.

    Students will have the opportunity to participate in field trips to local manufacturers and machine shops. There will be guest lecturers as well as job coaching and interview strategies.

    Email: BeachGA@mukilteo.wednet.edu

    Phone: 425.348.2236

    Aerospace Manufacturing & Maintenance Technology

    Aerospace Manufacturing Program Syllabus

    Aerospace Program Video

    For an ever-evolving industry, the Aerospace world is constantly in search of young and energetic enthusiasts who are well-prepared and trained to combat the demanding needs of the industry.

    We have evolved from 1902 when the Wright brothers took to gliding from the mountains before making a landmark step in a powered flight a year later, in 1903. Today, well over a hundred years later, we are not only producing sustained powered aircraft but also the B787 Dreamliner, the world’s first major airliner to use composite materials as the primary material. The construction of its air frame makes it the most fuel-efficient aircraft in the world.

    In this program I will prepare students using resources and tools provided by Boeing, our major partner in the Aerospace Manufacturing & Maintenance Technology program. Whether your focus is Aerospace Engineering, Manufacturing, Maintenance or Commercial Pilot, you will learn the necessary skills and knowledge to make your transition into the industry with ease. You will learn about the theory of flight, aircraft flight controls, electrical and hydraulic systems and structures through lectures, lab/workshop, field trips, industry speakers and projects.

    Successful students from this program can earn up to 24 college credits at the completion of their studies of the Core Plus curriculum for career readiness, Basic Electricity and Materials and Processes by passing all in-class tests with an 85% or better toward the Aviation program at EvCC. Credits are transferrable.

    Welcome aboard and I look forward to seeing you!

    Email: vincentkm@mukilteo.wednet.edu

    Phone: 425.348.2245

    Auto Body & Collision Repair

    Auto Body Program Syllabus

    Auto Body Program Video

    Auto Body & Collision Repair class is designed as a two-year program focusing on safety, tool identification and proper use, vehicle construction, minor body repair, sanding, painting components and techniques, estimating damaged vehicles, welding and other technical skills. Students gain the knowledge, positive attitude and employment skills to be successful in the automotive industry. Opportunities to connect with professionals in the field, as well as resources for continuing education after high school are also provided.

    The program includes use of I-CAR professional training materials to meet National Automotive Technical Education Foundation (NATEF) requirements. Industry Certifications are also available to successful students.

    We are not currently accepting vehicles for repairs at this time. If you would like to donate a vehicle to the program for training purposes, please visit snoislescfoundation.org.

    Email: fitzpatricksh@mukilteo.wednet.edu

    Phone: 425.348.2243

    Automotive Technology

    Auto Tech Program Syllabus

    Auto Tech Program Video

    Interested in a career as an Automotive Technician? This is the program for you! Skilled technicians for automotive technology are in high demand due to the constantly evolving technology of today’s vehicles and a retiring workforce of aging technicians. Currently, there are not enough new technicians to fill the demand of the automotive repair industry! Here at Sno-Isle TECH you’ll have the opportunity to learn the fundamental skills required to be a successful technician. In our ASE Education Foundation-Accredited (www.aseeducationfoundation.org) Auto Tech program, students can learn how to repair actual vehicles using Maintenance and Light Repair (MLR) ASE tasks and guidelines.

    This program is not recommended for the weekend hobbyist due to its technical nature and structured curriculum.

    Students have an opportunity to earn numerous industry-recognized certificates, and participate in after-school training opportunities put on by industry partners. (Valvoline, SP2.org, Snap On Meter & Torque Certification, Student ASE Certificates, Program Certificate, Napa-related Certificates, etc.)

    We are not currently accepting vehicles for repairs at this time. If you would like to donate a vehicle to the program for training purposes, please visit snoislescfoundation.org.

    Email: delpuertors@mukilteo.wednet.edu

    Phone: 425.348.2239

    Construction Trades

    Construction Trades Program Syllabus

    Construction Program Video

    The construction industry is booming in the Pacific Northwest! This is visible by the number of cranes in urban areas as well as residential growth throughout our communities. Because of this development, there is a high demand for a skilled workforce in the construction and related industries.

    The mission of the Construction Trades program at Sno-Isle TECH Skills Center is to prepare students to gain employment, apprenticeship, and/or acceptance to post-secondary education in the field of Construction Trades. Meanwhile, develop contributing members of our community and life-long learners who are ready to adapt to an ever-changing workforce and global marketplace.

    Email: stutzjk@mukilteo.wednet.edu

    Phone: 425.348.2244

    Diesel Power Technology

    Diesel Power Tech Program Syllabus

    Diesel Power Tech Program Video

    The Diesel Power Technology program is designed to prepare students for an entry level position working with diesel-powered trucks, equipment, boats and generators. Many of our students also choose to continue their education after Sno-Isle TECH at Universal Technical Institute (UTI) and local community colleges, that offer Diesel Power Technology courses.

    Environmental regulations to lower emissions and increase fuel economy have changed the industry. Our curriculum has been adapted to educate our students about these changes, so they are better prepared to begin work with the most current knowledge and industry practices.

    Focusing on technological advances with engines and seven other subject areas, students should expect a blend of discussions, class projects and hands-on activities in a real life shop.

    Email: delfelbr@mukilteo.wednet.edu

    Phone: 425.348.2237

    Welding & Metal Fabrication

    Welding Program Syllabus

    Welding Program Video

    The Welding and Metal Fabrication class is an industry-based shop environment designed for the student who would like to receive a general metal working background as a foundation for continuing education or a trade-vocational career. Welding, fabrication and safety are taught with a blend of lectures, assignments and hands-on competencies that maintain the student’s interest and foster a deeper appreciation of the trade.

    This one/two year program can “SPARK” an interest in the trade of welding and metal fabrication. Students work in a classroom and shop environment developing skills in many types of welding: stick, wire feed, heli-arc, flux core, etc., plus oxy fuel cutting and basic fabrication. Successful students in this program can also earn up to 30 college credits through the EvCC Dual Credit Program.

    Learn to take pride in your work as you are signing your name with every weld. The welding team keys to success consist of having a good attitude, a desire to work hard and being able to focus on the job at hand; skills every employer values. Please stop in at Open House or come take a tour of our welding/metal fabrication shop when campus is open!

    Email: throndsenrm@mukilteo.wednet.edu

    Phone: 425.3482235