• 5th Grade Curriculum Overview

    Fifth Grade Curriculum Overview


    Our District has adopted a new reading curriculum, Collaborative Classroom Making Meaning.  See attached sheet.

    We will also focus on reading the following novels together as a class: Earthquake Terror, Tuck Everlasting, City of Ember, Holes, Chains, Maniac Magee, and more.

     WRITING – We will be working with Collaborative Classrooms Being a Writer.  Our 3 big areas of focus are:

    1. Opinion                                         2. Narrative                                      3. Informative                 

    Students will also focus on using writing as a way of offering and supporting opinions, demonstrating understanding of subjects they are studying/researching, and conveying real and imagined experiences and events.

    MATH- We will be using Math Expressions Common Core Edition.  Your student can expect to learn the following:

    Unit 1- Addition & Subtraction with Fractions                               

    Unit 2- Addition & Subtractions with Decimals                             

    Unit 3- Multiplication & Division with Fractions                           

    Unit 4- Multiplication with Whole Numbers & Decimals

    Unit 5- Division with Whole Numbers & Decimals

    Unit 6- Operations & Word Problems

    Unit 7- Algebra, Patterns, & Coordinate Graphs

    Unit 8- Measurement & Geometry

    SCIENCE—FOSS Science Curriculum                                SOCIAL STUDIES- (beginning in middle October)

    Units                                                                                       Units of Study:

    Variables                                                                                                            World Explorers

    Landforms                                                                                                         Colonial America

    Environments                                                                                                   American Revolution



    Human Growth and Development (spring)