• Frequently Asked Questions

    When is the last checkout day?

    May 29th

    When are all the books due back?

    June 5th

    How many books may I borrow?


    1 book

    1st grade

    1 book until January

    Then 2 books if none are overdue!

    2nd & 3rd 

    2 books

    3 books after reaching 5 AR points

    4th & 5th 

    3 books

    * 2-5th graders - when students have LOST or OVERDUE books, we limit their checkout to 1 book only

    How long may I keep them?

    2 weeks

    May I keep a book longer than 2 weeks if I'm not finished reading it?

    Yes, if you are actively reading the book and it is not on hold for another student.

    What if I lose a book or damage a book?

    Lost and damaged books will be handled by reading off the amount of money owed. 
    A student will need to earn AR points that equal the cost of the lost or damaged book. 

    For a book that costs $14 = that means earning 14 AR points.

    This will be adjusted next school year to account for different reading levels.