• Classroom Info.


    Each week students will get a new weekly log. They are expected to bring it home each night to be signed andreturn it each morning to school. This is a good way for us to communicate behavior, classroom work and homework.

    On the weekly log will be what we are working on academically that week, important dates, and a place for parent/teacher notes.

    Birthdays Students are welcome to celebrate their birthday with the class. While treats are not required they can be brought to school in the morning.  I usually hand them out before we go home. Please make sure I know that they are coming.

    Students whose birthday falls in the summer will get to celebrate their HALF birthday.  
    If students are inviting classmates to a party, they should try to do so discretely so feelings don’t get hurt. 

    I prefer that behavior issues not get in the way of learning. However, when issues do arise I am fair, firm, and consistent. Students will know what is expected and what the consequences are if expectations are not met. We will practice procedures and have weekly behavior goals to focus upon.  In short, students are expected to:

    1. Solve Problems

    2. Show respect  (at school, home, and community)

    3. Make good decisions

    I will have a behavior system of green, yellow, and red, clips. Students will begin each day on green and they will always receive warnings before changing a clip.

    Please note if a student earns a consequence after 2nd recess it will be assessed the following day at first recess.

              If they are off-task, too much talking, breaking rules, disrespectful or unsafe they will change their card to:

    Yellow: WARNING

    Red:  Loss of recess time/privileges

    Beyond that: office referral

    Students should report their behavior each day to you by circling the appropriate color on their Weekly log paper.  Please make sure you check it each day.


    All parents and guardians are welcome to volunteer in the class and on field trips. Make sure you have a current Washington State Patrol Background check on file in the office. (It expires every 2 years.)

    I appreciate any and all help I can get!  I will be setting up a schedule in October.

    Parents must check in at the office prior to coming to the portable.


    Most things are graded on a scale of 1 to 4. This will remain consistent on progress reports as well.

    1-  Significantly below expectations/grade level

    2-  Below expectations/grade level

    3-Meets expectations/on grade level

    4-  Exceeds expectations/consistently above grade level

    Progress reports are sent home 2 times a year. Please sign the envelope and return the envelope only.

    If you ever have any concerns about your child’s grades please contact me.


    All medications, even over-the-counter, must be brought to the office.  Please let us know of ANY allergies.  No cough drops allowed.



    Homework cannot be given ahead of time if you are going to be gone on vacation. It is Endeavour policy that packets not be sent home in advance. Remember most learning is done in-class. If your child is sick, they will be given an extra day to complete work missed in class.

    Summer!!Keep kids reading, learning, writing and doing math practice. Students are known to 'back slide' over the summer if they do not keep skills sharp.  There are quality workbooks at Costco.  Email me with any questions.