• Classroom Conduct

    Classroom Conduct

      Classroom Rules 

    • I am respectful.
    • I am safe.
    • I am responsible.

    I help make Fairmount a better place to learn.

     Appropriate Behaviors

    1. Discussions:  students will be encouraged to discuss conflict and work out reasonable solutions
    2. Fairmount Boarding Passes can be earned for following the expectations anywhere at Fairmount.
    3. Self Managers:  recognition for students who are able to solve conflict without pulling more than one card a week and have no missing assignments by Friday
    4. Self-Manager Box: self-managers put their name in a box for various drawings/prizes/privileges

    Consequences / “Pulling Cards”

    Yellow = warning

    Orange = owes 5 minutes

    Green = owes 15 minutes (recess detention)

    Blue = call home and appropriate consequences

    Office referrals, referrals to the Solution Room, and

    “Time-Outs” given when necessary.