• Notes on how to write the five mathematical comparison statements

    5 Ways to Write
    Mathematical Comparison Statements
    1. Difference: (clue: less, more) - Subtracting the difference between two numbers. Example: There are 126 more seventh graders this year than last year.
    2.Percent: (clue: %, percent) � Example: Last year�s MSP scores increased by 9.7%.
    3.Scaling: (clue: times, double, twice) � Multiplication. Example: Middle school students are twice as likely to spend money on video games as their high school counterparts.
    4.Fraction: (clue: a/b, out of). Example: In second period, 17/27 of the students passed the test. Seventeen out of twenty-nine students in third period are girls.
    5.Ratio: (clue: [:], to, ratio). Example: Girls out number boys 3:1. The ratio of students who turn 13-years-old in 7th grade is 4 to 6.