Kamiak High School

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  • The Mukilteo School District serves a diverse population of approximately 14,000 students who live near the Puget Sound, located about 15 miles north of Seattle, Washington.

    Our mission is to help prepare our community's children to be successful, contributing workers, learners, and citizens. Our students learn in an environment that is positive, caring, and focused on their highest academic potential. And, it's working. Mukilteo students consistently score well in annual achievement tests and win academic honors. Many people have moved to the area because of the first-rate Mukilteo school system.



    Athletics: (425) 366-5470
    Attendance: (425) 366-5460
    Attendance Email: KAattendance@mukilteo.wednet.edu
    Bookkeeper: (425) 366-5427
    Counseling: (425) 366-5446
    Counseling FAX: (425) 366-5404
    Main Office: (425) 366-5400
    Main Office FAX: (425) 366-5402
    Nurse: (425) 366-5409

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