High School & Beyond Plan

  • The High School & Beyond Plan is a graduation requirement students contribute to each year grades 8-12. The purpose of the plan is to encourage goal setting, action step implementation and course selection that supports students connection to pathways beyond high school.

    Emphasizing the idea of connection, we want students to sculpt an educational experience that empowers them to explore their strengths, skills, curiosities and passions.

    The High School & Beyond Plan will track how a student  creates opportunities and follows their action plans that will shape their lives.

    High School & Beyond Plan 

     Each  Year

     Update resume, update goals, update 4-year plan



     Career Interest  Assessment

     Take interest  assessment to identify
     careers  and pathways.


    Get involved, Explore & try new things, School matters


     Skills & Abilities Assessment

     Take skills assessment to identify
     personal strengths.

     Post HS Pathways

     Learn pathways & admission
     requirements for pathways.



     Career Assessment + Research

     Re-evaluate career matches as they
     relate to personal skills and life

     Research Personalized Careers

    Choose your path, Seek college & career experiences, Challenge yourself


     Research Post HS Pathways

     Utilize research tools to understan
     options, costs & how to decide on a

     Compare & Contrast Personalized
     Post HS  Pathways



     Final Resume & Post HS Goals

     *Personal Statement required for
     Class of 2019 and beyond