• Dress Code



    Mariner High School strives to create a positive learning environment for our students and staff.  To create a proud and academically professional environment, we have based our dress code on issues pertinent to health, safety, practicality and modesty for all on our campus.  We believe dressing appropriately is an important part of establishing and maintaining a culture of dignity and respect for ourselves and one another.  Clothing students wear should be a positive expression, not a distraction from learning and work.  An important part of a student’s high school education is helping each transition successfully into the work environment and student attire should reflect this.  Knowing what appropriate attire for various environments is a lifelong lesson.  

    Students who willingly choose to dress inappropriately will be asked to change. If they do not have any other clothes to change in to, they may be provided with clothing from the school. Otherwise, arrangements must be made for students to go home or for parents to bring clothes to school. Students will not be allowed to attend class if dressed inappropriately.  On-going issues of inappropriate dress will lead to progressive discipline.

    Administrators have the discretion to determine the appropriateness of dress and grooming and to make special exceptions, including for religious or of medical necessity.  If a clothing, grooming, or accessory item is in question and not addressed in the policy, Mariner High School administrators will determine if it creates a distraction to the educational process, or appears to be inappropriate in nature, and may prohibit the clothing or attire for the school campus at which time the student must remove or change the item.


    • Shirts and dresses must have fabric in the front, back, over the shoulders, and on the sides.
    • Clothing must cover undergarments
    • Fabric covering all private parts must not be see through.
    • Clothing must be suitable for all scheduled classroom activities including physical education, science labs, wood shop, and other activities where unique hazards exist.
    • Clothing must not detract from the educational environment.
    • Clothing must not advertise and/or promote the use of alcohol, drugs or tobacco products.
    • Clothing must not display/depict derogatory remarks or graphics that are disrespectful, racial, offensive, profane, sexual in nature, or gang related
    • Clothing items including tank tops must have straps the width of two fingers; armpit openings must not be larger than a width of four fingers (from top of arm pit).
    • Clothing items such as shorts, shirts, dresses, or skirts need to be of a length equal to fingertips when arms are held at sides.
    • Blankets and stuffed animals are not acceptable at school  Students with blankets out will be asked to put them away.
    • Clothing items must not include ANY bandana scarves or bandana print (paisley) of any kind. This includes any fabric item used as a bandana to wrap around head, leg, arm, neck, face.
    • Clothing must not be gang-related or reflect gang involvement (as determined by school administrators and SRO).
    • Hats, hoods, and Durags may not be worn in the school building. (Hats and Durags are to be stored throughout the school day and not seen.) Hats and hoods may be worn outside of the building during the school day.
    • Accessories including sunglasses, gloves, belts longer than four inches at waist, rubber bands at the ankles, socks pulled up to knees with shorts, shirts draped around neck, hair picks in hair, and headbands larger than 2 inches wide are not acceptable during the school day or at school related events.
    • Jewelry and/or accessories must not include anything with sharp points or metal spikes, items that can be used as weapons or depict weapons, items that depict gangs or gang representation, piercings that may be of danger to self or others, chains that dangle from clothing, handcuffs.
    • Personal grooming must not depict or imply gang membership or affiliation—i.e.: notched eyebrows, lines or symbolism shaved in hair.
    • Clothing related to the following professional or collegiate sports teams are not allowed. This list may be revised at ANY time during the school year:


    Georgetown Hoyas

    LA Dodgers

    Philadelphia Phillies


    (formerly Oakland)

    Chicago Bulls

    Cincinnati Reds

    Detroit Tigers

    Dallas Cowboys

    SF 49ers




    Mariner High School ASB sponsors SPIRIT WEEKS and GOLD, BLUE & YOU FRIDAYS throughout the year.  The dress code remains in effect during these designated times!  Reminder:  Shorts/Skirts must meet dress code!  No bandanas!