Construction Information

  • In February 2014, the voters in the Mukilteo School District approved a $119.15 million construction bond proposal to provide the funding for a number of school improvements. The package included the following:


    • A new Lake Stickney Elementary School was built on property south of Lake Stickney, where the old Lake Stickney Elementary was located. The school opened in the fall of 2016. Here is more information.
    • A new Pathfinder Kindergarten Center was built behind Fairmount Elementary on Beverly Park Road near Paine Field. The school opened in the fall of 2017. Here is more information
    • A new Teaching and Learning Center was built on the campus of Explorer Middle School. Here is more information.
    • A multipurpose room and kitchen was built at Discovery Elementary. Here is more information
    • A new girls' locker room will be built at Mariner High School.


    • Science classrooms will be updated.
    • Security initiatives were installed throughout the school district.
    • A safety training room and team meeting room will be built at the athletic fields at Kamiak High School.
    • Aging track and field surfaces will be replaced at Kamiak and Mariner high schools.
    • Deteriorated grass surfaces were replaced with safer artificial surfaces at both Voyager and Harbour Pointe middle schools.

    Here is more information about Safety and Security Projects.


    • The gym building at Olympic View Middle School was modernized. Here is more information.
    • Locker rooms at Explorer Middle School will be improved.
    • Music facilities at both Olympic View and Harbour Pointe middle schools will be enlarged and improved.
    • Outdoor atriums at Mukilteo and Picnic Point elementary schools will be covered.


    • A wireless network was installed at all schools.
    • The aging telephone system was upgraded.
    • Wireless computing devices were purchased for student use.

    Here is more information about Technology Projects.


    • Inefficient lighting and ventilation systems were replaced at Mariner High School.
    • Boilers at Olivia Park Elementary and Kamiak High School were replaced.
    • Digital heating and ventilation control systems were installed at both Discovery and Olivia Park elementary schools.