Culture Points

    Ideas and requirements

    Important Things to remember about Culture Points

    • You are required to earn 20 culture points per quarter.
    • Culture points are always due one week before the end of the quarter.
    • Click here for ideas on what to do for culture points.
    • Some projects require presentations or assignments.  See below for the requirements.

    See below for some ideas and rubrics.


    How to turn in: Class presentation

    1-20 pts

    Video clips (YouTube videos, etc.)


    How to turn in: Class presentation


    1-20 pts

    How to turn in: Upload your refelction to Google Classroom.

    Reading Kanji

    1-20 pts

    How to turn in: Appointment with Sensei

    Directions:  Memorize 20 kanji Japanese pronunciation and English meaning.


    Make one flash card per kanji.

    Write or paste the kanji on one side.

    Write the English and hiragana on the other side.

    Make an appointment with Sensei before the due date.

    Bring your flash cards to her and she will quiz you with them.

    1 pt per correct kanji.

    Annotated Bibliography

    1-20 pts.

    Choose a topic, find source about them and then write two or three sentences describing and evaluating.


    1-10 pts

    How to turn in: Class presentation

    Go to a Japanese restaurant. Order in Japanese. Take photographs of yours and others' foods. Present to the class what you ate, how it was, what were the ingredients.

    Restaurant rubric will be available soon.