About Mukilteo Elementary School

  • Mukilteo Elementary Walkway Mukilteo Elementary School 
    2600 Mukilteo Speedway, Mukilteo 98275

    Phone: (425) 366-3100
    FAX: (425) 366-3102

    Principal: Mr. Sackett

    Assistant Principal: Ms. Hunter   

    Grades: K-5 
    Population: 472

    Nurse: Laury Lorz, MSN, RN, ESA - 425-366-3109

    At Mukilteo Elementary School, we have developed a child-centered learning community committed to the success of every student. Our focus is to prepare our students for the 21st century by providing them with the tools and skills necessary to be successful and contributing citizens in the constantly changing world. We begin with the end in mind by teaching our students about the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. Each day we strive to nurture and develop leadership capacity in all students. We are in our fifth year as a Leader in Me School, in which we continue to incorporate the seven habits into everything we do by building a school culture of leadership. Students have the opportunity to learn about these leadership traits beginning in kindergarten. This program helps empower students both academically and socially to take more responsibility of their learning and build a confidence in themselves.

    Mukilteo was recently given the honor of becoming a Lighthouse School for the Leader in Me program. We received this honor through our success in creating a culture of leadership among our students, staff, and parents. We are pleased to have the opportunity as a Lighthouse School to mentor other schools and children to build their own leadership capabilities and programs.

    Our dedicated staff works collaboratively in Professional Learning Communities to provide quality curriculum, instruction, and assessments for each student. Our goal is that all students reach their highest level of potential and do what it takes to help students succeed. To reach the varied needs of our students, we provide a Pyramid of Interventions system to provide additional support for all students.

    Throughout the year, we invite parents into the school to view and celebrate the fine work being done by the students. Along with classroom celebrations and performances, we hold grade-level musical performances, band and orchestra concerts, a Parent Leadership Day, invention convention, and leadership assemblies. Over 150 students are engaged in band and orchestra. Several co-curricular opportunities for students include Destination ImagiNation, Super Sneakers, the school newspaper, and the Soar Senate. Our PTSA sponsors family fun nights, such as a back-to-school event, bingo night, square dance night, Halloween Bash, spelling bee, and a carnival. The PTSA also sponsors an annual event known as Reflections, which provides a forum for students to exhibit their artistic talent. The partnership between the PTSA and the school is invaluable in bringing many opportunities to our students every year.


    Mukilteo Elementary opened in 1981 and includes the office, multipurpose room, 24 classrooms, 10 portable classrooms, and the library and computer lab. Two school district programs are housed at our school: the Mukilteo Behavior Support Center and the highly capable program, known as Summit. Special education services are offered through a resource room model.

    Music, PE and Technology specialists teach students in Kindergarten through 5th grades and students in primary grades receive weekly music lessons from a parent volunteer. Our art docents provide art for all students in grades. Mukilteo Elementary is a technology-oriented school where technology integration is emphasized. 


    Parents are the primary key to a child’s performance and success at school. We value our partnership with our parents and feel that a strong and supportive relationship between parents and the school will enhance your child’s learning experience. Parents can help by getting their child to school on time, having a designated area and time for homework, reading with their child daily, and ensuring that he or she eats nutritiously and receives enough sleep. We work together to ensure a high rate of attendance and a minimal number of tardies. We strive for 100 percent attendance at our parent conferences.


    Over 550 parents and community members give hundreds of hours each year, serving as guest speakers and committee members, helping in the classrooms, and chaperoning field trips. Volunteers are present in our school every day and are critical to the success of our programs for students. Room parents organize classroom celebrations and volunteers work with individual students in our Read Naturally Program, a program designed to increase reading fluency. Parents volunteer to coach Destination ImagiNation teams, which compete in regional, state, and global tournaments. Our SOAR Parent Advisory Team is actively involved in the Leader in Me program. Art docents and music docents keep art and music alive and well at Mukilteo Elementary School. Fee-based programs, such as foreign language and art, are held before and after school. The PTSA annual Fall fundraiser is the one major fundraising event and, due to its success, the PTSA is able to extend financial support for many programs within the school. For example, funding for Accelerated Reader books, multiple copies of literature and non-fiction books for the library, and prizes for the spelling bee are just a few ways the PTSA supports the school.


    Our School Improvement Plan focuses on increasing levels of achievement in the areas of reading, writing, and math. Ongoing assessments track student progress and services are provided based on our Pyramid of Interventions. The guiding principles of the Seven Habits woven into everything we do prepare our students for the complex world in which they live. Opportunities for students to think creatively and critically are integrated into our curriculum and many opportunities are available for students to stretch their thinking in fun ways, such as inventing, being part of a Destination ImagiNation team, and the PTSA Reflections program.

    Our Accelerated Reader program challenges students to set personal goals, along with classroom and school-wide goals. Milestones along the way are rewarded with a free book and theme-based incentives. Each year AR has a theme that encourages students to reach certain point levels. Professional development offers the necessary training for staff members in the areas of the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, higher-level thinking, readers/writers workshop, formative and summative assessments, and math. Professional learning communities are an important emphasis in our School Improvement Plan. Early-dismissal days provide critical opportunities for staff to work collaboratively to enhance curriculum, instruction, and assessment.