Communications and Public Relations


    Manager: Diane Bradford
    Administrative Assistant: Mary Wastman
    Phone: 425-356-1215


    The role of the Communications and Public Relations Department is to create a climate within the Mukilteo School District that facilitates public support for the school district's mission. Our focus is to provide staff, parents, lawmakers, and the community with easy-to-understand information about the school district and the issues it is facing. We employ the following strategies to accomplish this:

    • Use communication as a tool for facilitating collaboration, improving the academic success of students and helping employees be more successful in their jobs.
    • Utilize effective communication systems to maintain an open dialogue with parents and the community and create a climate of mutual support.
    • Celebrate and recognize the success of Mukilteo schools, employees and students.
    • Gather feedback from the community to determine existing thinking and understanding regarding the school district.