Emergency Information


    Each school has a plan for responding to emergencies and for providing information to parents, including the use of the school district’s automated Parent Notification System (see below). Please remember that communicating can become very difficult during an emergency. Telephone service may be unavailable for outgoing or incoming calls to your child’s school, for example. Emails and text messages can be more reliable when phone lines are busy, so watch for messages from the school or district in the event of an emergency. For more information, you can check the district’s website or call the Emergency Information Line at 425-356-1299.


    The school district uses a system called Blackboard to send important messages to parents via telephone, text, and email. These messages may be about your child’s attendance at school, balances on nutrition service accounts, important updates, and library fines as well as important information such as school closures or delays.

    This automated system uses the contact information that is listed in a child’s student records. Please make sure that your child’s school has current contact information for your family.

    Some notification messages, such as those regarding attendance or balances on nutrition service accounts, will be sent to you by telephone, while some may be emailed. You can select your preferences for how you receive those notifications by contacting your child's school or download the district app to your cell phone. 


    The district app puts staying connected in the palm of your hand. Follow specific schools to see their announcements, social media feeds and calendars. Authorized guardians can log in to see student-specific information such as schedule, attendance history, and meal balances. It also translates in about 100 languages! In your playstore, search for Mukilteo School District. 

    Authorized guardians can also select whether they want to receive non-emergency notifications by phone, text, or email. During an emergency, parents will be notified using all listings in your child's student record, which may include your home telephone, cell phone, text, and email. 

    Authorized guardians new to the district need login information. Please email communications or call 425-356-1215. 


    School may be delayed or canceled because of weather conditions or other events. Bus routes may also be affected by unsafe travel conditions. Most of the major radio and television stations broadcast information about school closures.

    The announcement of a school closure or delay is usually made early in the morning. Parents will receive a phone call and email if school is closed or delayed. If you've signed up to receive text messages through the Blackboard Connect portal, you should also receive a text message. 

    Updated school closure information also will be posted on the school district’s website, on the FlashAlert website, or can be found by calling the Emergency Information Line at 425-356-1299. If school is canceled, the school day will be made up later in the year. If bus routes are limited due to snow or ice on roadways, the alternate routes are listed on the transportation website

    In addition to the Parent Notification System, there are other options for receiving a text message in the event of a school closure or delay. When the school district announces a change in the schedule, it notifies the local TV and radio stations through a service called FlashAlert. You can receive a text message directly from FlashAlert whenever the school district posts a notice to that system. You can receive that service by signing up for FlashAlert Messenger. Many local TV and radio stations also offer similar services.


    Conditions could develop during the school day that may require school to be dismissed earlier than planned. Information about early dismissals will be provided to local radio and television stations and distributed through the school district’s automated Parent Notification System. If school is dismissed early, and transportation home is not available, a child will be released only to his or her parent or guardian or to a person previously authorized by the parent or guardian. We ask that parents please bring photo identification (such as a driver’s license) to ensure student safety. School staff will remain at the school until all students have been released.