Employee Recognition

  • Communications Department facilitates the recognition of school district employees for their good work and also when they reach milestones in their career.

    The Lighthouse Award is considered the highest honor that can bestowed on a Mukilteo School District employee. It is presented two times a year to recognize the exceptional contributions of time, talent, and effort to students and the community. Nominations are made by fellow staff members and the winners are determined by a committee of employees representing all areas of the school district. The nominations are evaluated to several factors, such as:

    • Special contributions of time, talent or effort to students, staff, the school district, and the community
    • Excellence in their position
    • Personal impact within their job surroundings
    • Positive relationships with other staff members and with parents and the public
    • Professional growth

    Awards are presented each semester to both certificated and classified employees. The winners of past Lighthouse Awards are:

    2020-21 ... Brandon Tepley and Amie Parker (Certificated) 

                       Dave Bailey and Debi Resler (Classified) 

    2019-20 ... Ambyr Thomas (Certificated)

                       Hal Reeder and Nutrition Services (Classified) 

    2018-19 ... Jen Caione and Tom Myhre (Certificated)

                       Jama Wahl and Belinda Kelly (Classified)

    2017-18 ... Mike Gallagher and Barbara McPherson (Certificated)

                       Joel Miller and Jerrie Engelhardt (Classified)

    2016-17 ... Debbie Finrow and Kitty Jensen (Certificated)

                       Kitty Rochon and Lisa Marshall (Classified)

    2015-16 ... Ann Freemon (Certificated)

                       Cindy Steigerwald and Lois Beck (Classified)

    2014-15 ... Tory Kartchner and Bill Costello (Certificated)

                       Laurie Gossett and Lou Farthing (Classified)

    2013-14 ... Lyn Geronimi and Jeff Ferderer (Certificated)

                       Penny Seek and Susie Richardson (Classified)

    2012-13 ... Julie Russell and Sharon Feather (Certificated)

                       Jeff Donley and Melanie Hokin (Classified)

    2011-12 ... Margaret Grimes and Alison Mead (Certificated)

                       Joe Mulligan and Anita Stuart (Classified)

    2010-11 ... Peggy Nystrom and Carolyn Webb

    2009-10 ... Paul Church and Janet Wheeler

    2008-09 ... Tim Knopf and Mary Kate Olson

    2007-08 ... Matt Palmer and Alisa Griffen

    2006-07 ... Rob Storrs and Lloy Schaaf

    2005-06 ... Pat Matsuzawa and Maria Oehling

    2004-05 ... Robin Kohler and Sheila Smith

    2003-04 ... Cheryl Boze and Joanie Barbacovi

    2002-03 ... Judy Siler-Heys and Chris Hoiby

    2001-02 ... Bud Davis and Glenna Clouse

    2000-01 ... Leslie Ivelia and Izabela Lapinski

    1999-00 ... Julia Spencer and Eileen Taguchi

    1998-99 ... Debbie Truax and Ginny Agner

    1997-98 ... Carol Pierce and Marilyn Wiltz

    1996-97 ... Katie Romstead and Eddie McGehee

    1995-96 ... Ann Jordan

    1994-95 ... Claude Carlson and Lynn Schmidt

    1993-94 ... Stan Davis and Jerry Hussey

    1992-93 ... Darlene Romo and Marilyn McGuire

    1991-92 ... Judy Cherin and Suzanne Simonson

    1990-91 ... Mary Hovander and Raelene Valento