Parent Survey

  • Each year the Communications and Public Relations Department conducts a survey of all parents to determine what they think of their child’s school. The survey results provide valuable information that helps improve communications with parents and that helps school staff members as they develop their School Improvement Plans.

    The most recent survey was conducted from March 29 through May 3, 2019. During that period, a total of 2,546 responses were collected. The core of the survey consisted of 14 statements about their child's school as well as questions about how they receive information about schools.

    The results of the 2019 parent survey can be summarized with the following statements:

    • While the response to the 14 opinion questions was generally the same as last year, the ratings were down slightly. Three of the statements had a response that was the same or higher than last year and 11 statements were lower.
    • Although the ratings were slightly lower, the survey results were still very positive. Ten questions had more than two-thirds of parents agree to the statement. Of those, six were greater than 70 percent. Only two statements had less than half of the respondents agree.
    • Elementary parents are generally more positive about school than secondary parents, middle school parents are more positive than high school parents, and the parents of non-White students are more positive than the parents of White students.
    • About three-quarters of parents feel welcome in Mukilteo schools.
    • More than 70 percent of parents have a positive impression with the quality of education that their children are receiving at school.
    • Parents feel that school buildings and grounds are clean and well maintained.
    • Most parents say they are well informed about what’s going on in school and that staff members respond to their requests for information or assistance, but many parents are not certain about what schools are doing to improve student learning.
    • Keeping parents informed about their child’s academic progress remains the biggest issue of the survey. The concern exists at all levels, but is especially large among high school parents.
    • Parents want more information about curriculum, assessments and testing, and student services. High school parents also want more information about graduation requirements.
    • Parents get more information about school from their child than from any other source, but the source they most prefer is email. Parents at all levels would prefer to get more information from staff members than what they are receiving, especially at the secondary levels.

    Here is a link to a more detailed analysis of the PARENT SURVEY RESULTS.