Wall Calendar

  • One of the most popular publications produced by the department is the annual wall calendar, which is distributed to parents and employees at the beginning of each school year. Our calendar often gets design awards. For example, the 2013-14 calendar was judged to be the best in the state by the Washington School Public Relations Association. The 2009-10 calendar was one of only seven in the United States to receive an Award of Excellence from the National School Public Relations Association and the 2013-14 calendar was judged best in the state by the Washington School Public Relations Association.

    2016-17 Calendar2017-18 Calendar

    2014-15 Calendar2015-16 Calendar

    2012-13 Calendar2013-14 Calendar

Family Handbook

  • A Family Handbook and Directory is provided to each school district parent at the beginning of each school year. The publication provides parents with comprehensive information about school policies, emergency response, transportation, testing, health and students services, and many other topics. The publication also includes important notices that are required by state or federal law.

    Here is a link to the Family Handbook.

Internet Site

  • Maintain the school district's Internet site so that it continues to be an important resource of information for students, parents and the community.


  • The Communications and Public Relations department produces publications that provide the public with background information about school issues and activities, the effectiveness of Mukilteo schools, and how taxpayer money is being used. Publications also keep parents informed about school activities and to provide detailed information about significant issues. 

    Your Schools CoverA publication called Your Schools, is mailed to all school district residents three times a year. Here is a link to past issues of Your Schools

    A publication called School District News is sent to all subscribers of the school district's Listserv twice a month. Here is a link to past issues of School District News.

Email Messages

  • We use email messages to keep parents and interested community members informed about activities that are happening in the Mukilteo School District. Parents and members of the community can receive these email messages by subscribing to the school district's listserv system. There is no cost for this service.

    Subscribers get bulletins when emergencies occur (such as when school is canceled by weather), a twice-monthly newsletter about events and activities, press releases when they are provided to the local media, notices in the event of fast-breaking events, and reports immediately following school board meetings. Many schools also have listserv systems that are available for free.

    To signup for any listserv, go to the link below:

    Listserv Signup

Performance Reports

  • State and federal law requires that information about school and school district performance be provided to parents at the beginning of each school year.

    This link will direct you to all of the school Performance Reports.