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Degrees and Certifications:

Brittany Armstrong, RN ARNP

Phone: (425) 366-5409
Secure Fax: (425) 366-5404
Monday through Friday from 7:00am - 2:30 PM

  • Measles

  • Protect Your Teen from Meningitis

  • CDC Immunization Schedule for 16-Year Olds

  • Nourishing Our Brains With Breakfast

  • Fast Facts About the Flu

  • Alternative Treatment for ADHD

  • Tratmiento Alternativo Para El Tdah

  • Is it a Cold or Allergies?

Drug and Alcohol Facts

  • Marijuana is Addictive

  • What Parents Need to Know about the JUUL Vaping Device

  • MYTH: Vapes produce harmless water vapor

  • MYTH: Marijuana does not produce withdrawal symptoms when someone stops using it

  • MYTH: Marijuana is not addictive

  • MYTH: I can drink alcohol and not have any problems

  • MYTH: Beer and Wine are Safer than Liquor

Experiencing a crisis during non-school hours?

  • If you are in crisis outside of school hours, you need help right now and need to talk with someone, there are several immediate resources available:

    You are not alone!