School Nurse



Degrees and Certifications:

Brittany Armstrong, RN ARNP

Phone: (425) 366-5409
Secure Fax: (425) 366-5404
Monday through Friday from 7:00am - 2:30 PM


  • Health Check-ups for Teens

  • Covid Testing

  • When Your Student is Sick

  • Measles

  • Protect Your Teen from Meningitis

  • CDC Immunization Schedule for 16-Year Olds

  • Nourishing Our Brains With Breakfast

Forms and Requirements

Experiencing a crisis during non-school hours?

  • If you are having a medical emergency or you are in immediate danger (from others or yourself), call 911.  Talk to a trusted adult, if possible.  Or if you are not in immediate danger, call your regular clinic for instructions about what to do. 

    If you are in crisis outside of school hours, you need help right now and need to talk with someone, there are several immediate resources available:

    o    Talk to a trusted adult immediately, or

    o    CALL the 24-hour crisis line: 206-461-3222 or toll free at 1-866-427-4747

    o    TEXT "Listen" to 741-741

    o    CHAT ONLINE immediately

    You are not alone!