Welcome to Student Support Services

  • Our Mission

    The Kamiak High School Special Services team is a cohesive unit that focuses on whole students and their experiences in school and community; to build rich educational plans that launch them into their high school experience and connect them to their future


  • Our Vision

    All students, at their own level, want to succeed. We are the facilitators and guides of a student’s education—students need to own and participate in their school experience.

    All students need guidance to connect the high school experience to their future. We graduate students on individually designed plans that challenge their skills to grow and encourage post high school planning.

How We Can Help

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  • Our Services

  • Link Program

  • Planning for the Future

  • What is an IEP?

  • What is a 504 Plan?

Academic Course Offerings and Programs

  • Life Academic Programs

  • Transition Support

  • Behavior Support

  • Academic Reinforcement

  • Academic Replacement

Student Support Services Staff

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