•  Required Elements of your High School and Beyond Plan

    • Identification of your career goals using career interest inventories.
    • Identification of your educational goals.
    • A four-year course plan with an individualized personalized pathway that fulfills graduation requirements and aligns with your career and educational goals, with information about academic acceleration (RCW 28A.320.195), dual credit courses, Career and Technical Education programs, and documents your chosen graduation pathway(s) and postsecondary plan.
    • A current résumé.
    • If you have not met standard on your state assessment, this plan must include interventions and academic supports, additional courses, or both that will enable you to meet the high school graduation requirements.
    • Evidence that you have received information on federal and state financial aid programs

    The requirements of the High School and Beyond Plan are described in RCW 28A.230.090 and in WAC 180-51-220.  Decisions about whether a student has met the requirements for the High School and Beyond Plan are made locally per RCW 28A.230.090.

     (Adapted from https://www.sbe.wa.gov/our-work/high-school-and-beyond-plan & https://www.k12.wa.us/sites/default/files/public/ossi/k12supports/careercollegereadiness/careerguidancewa/pubdocs/whatishsbp.pdf)