• Happy May Day Eve!

    Posted by Frederick Collins on 4/30/2020

    Happy May Day Eve!

    It has been a busy week and more work is piling up as we "speak".

    Here is a link to help your student (and maybe you too) learn the basic navigation of Google Classroom. Most of us teachers are getting used to it as well and YouTube is a good resource for this kind of thing. Please watch and listen to learn the basics of Google Classroom from the student perspective.


    Stay safe out there and remember its okay to disconnect when you need to.

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  • Earth Day April 22 2020

    Posted by Frederick Collins on 4/21/2020

    Happy Earth Day! Well, almost. I hope you are keeping yourself healthy both mentally and physically. Making time every day to venture outside is both vitally important and very much allowed. Even though I teach computers I work very hard to make sure I take small breaks from the screens during the day and give myself time away from the constant dings, beeps and alerts of the various electronic devices that have become a necessary part of our every day lives.

    Part of that time away from electronics I spend in the garden, or outside for a walk or even just sitting outside reading a book (a real paper and ink book).

    I didn't make a sign up genius for this week because of the pickups happening at school. The traffic flow will be going right past the garden and i thought it better not to have the two events so close together when the physical distancing practices are showing real promise in bringing down the numbers of infections of COVID-19.

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  • Welcome Back from "SPRING BREAK"!

    Posted by Frederick Collins on 4/13/2020

    Hello and welcome back. I know having Spring Break in the middle of all of this going on is kind of weird but I hope you had time to do the things you wanted while staying away from others to keep us all safe from COVID-19.

    Specialist have our own Google Classroom now that you can access. It is DI Specialists Classroom (2019-2020) and the code is gj6lme5. In it you will find a heartwarming video Mrs. Davis made for you and a Bingo Sheet of activities for each Specialist that you can do to participate in our classes. Thanks and have fun.

    If you would like to borrow a tablet from school please fill out the Electronic Form and someone from our Technology Department will get back to you.
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  • Garden SignUpGenius

    Posted by Frederick Collins on 4/3/2020

    Happy Spring Break everyone! I know it is weird but I'll still be checking and updating here and on FB.

    If you are interested in helping Farmer Frog out I made a SignUpGenius for 1 hour slots for the next two weeks. Since PHYSICAL distancing is necessary to keep the COVID-19 from spreading please follow the Health Department's recommendations. Stay 6 feet apart. Stay home unless absolutely necessary. Keep your hands off your face and wash often.

    This is new and I want to emphasize that it is not required but an option for those families in the neighborhood around school who may already be out and need something for your kiddos to do.

    Recommeded: Bring gloves for gardening and wear a mask.

    Food that is grown in The Discovery Verde Garden typically gets used by families and students as needed. When there is enough we share with local food banks.

    Please contact me if there are questions or concerns.


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  • Happy What-Used-To-Be-April-Fools Day!

    Posted by Frederick Collins on 4/1/2020

    Hello and welcome! I hope you are doing well and finding the funny/joyful/important things to keep you going through all of this. I am working on getting a garden sign up going so folks can sign up for times to help work in the garden. Farmer Frog has reached out and has some fast growing food plants that we can get in the ground soon. Stay tuned more information coming soon!

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  • Accessing Clever Worksheet

    Posted by Frederick Collins on 3/30/2020

    Hi all. Here is a better step by step for getting into clever. If your child has been wanting to do TYPING.com or CODE.org or KEYBOARDING WITHOUT TEARS this is the way to get to them. The links are in the Computer Specialist Link that has my picture on it. Enjoy and keep safe.

    Accessing Clever

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  • Thursday Blursday

    Posted by Frederick Collins on 3/26/2020

    Hi all! I hope you are well again today and taking care of your health by washing your hands, eating well and sleeping enough. There is a great channel on YouTube called Science Mom. For the duration of the "quarantine" she is posting daily "QuaranTime" videos on Science and Math with the help of Math Dad. They are quite entertaining and good for all ages.

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  • COVID-19 and Technology

    Posted by Frederick Collins on 3/23/2020 10:00:00 AM

    Hi all. I hope you are all doing okay after the last week. When the governor declared an emergency because of COVID-19 and we all had to start socially distancing my first thought was "Oh no! How am I going to teach through all that?" Well, over the last week I have been learning and researching ways to help you get logged into the programs we have been using and a few others that will be helpful especially for socializing during this time of needing physical distance to stay healthy.

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  • Logging into Clever from home

    Posted by Frederick Collins on 3/23/2020 8:00:00 AM

    Click HERE to get to the Clever Login Page

    Favorite or Bookmark this Clever Login as it is specific for our students.

    Once on the Clever Page your student should be able to use their Regular Computer Sign In to log into Clever.

    Use their student number with @mukilteo.wednet.edu and their CAPITAL initials for the password.

    ProTip: copy the @mukilteo.wednet.edu so you can paste it into the sign in box instead of typing it out.

    Once you are in you can go to the sites we used in class. Keyboarding Without Tears (K-2) Typing.com and Code.org

    There are links to other sites that should work as well. If they don't please let me know collinsfg@mukilteo.wednet.edu

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