Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Mark

I have more than 20 years of experience teaching science, but never in such trying and yet scientifically fascinating times. Breakthroughs in the fields of microbiology, medicine, genetics, infectious disease and ecology emerge at breakneck speed as scientists tackle an ever increasing complexity of problems. I feel so fortunate that my job requires me to keep up with the latest in scientific research. I read technical articles on a daily basis out of pure curiosity. I share my passion by engaging students in the science of life. My students and I tackle the basics of science while investigating the world around them. We study the wonders of nucleic acids while looking at controversies surrounding CRISPR technology. We study ecology through the lens of climate change. We delve into the all too relevant topic of infectious disease by acting as epidemiologists modeling real life epidemics. We work with Seattle Children’s hospital research department, The institute for Systems Biology and other scientific organizations to give students a broader understanding of science and engage their curiosity in science as a possible career. My hope: some of my students will discover a passion for science that leads them to become the next generation of science researchers, doctors and science educators.