Mr. Richard Greer



Degrees and Certifications:

M.A. History of Religion B.A. History of Religion A.A. Religious Studies A.A. Philosophy Clear Certification in California Residency Certification in Washington

Mr. Richard Greer

Mr. Greer comes to Mukilteo Elementary with over a decade of experience in education. 

While earning his Associate's degrees, he began his educational career tutoring in various disciplines: biology, statistics, philosophy, religious studies, English, sociology, psychology, and technology. In addition to tutoring, he assisted college faculty with classroom technology, book and website design and publishing, and research in preparation of lectures and larger projects. 

After transferring to University of California, Riverside, Mr. Greer began coursework in the interdisciplinary study of world religions. As an undergraduate, he was recognized for his studies in foreign languages, excellence in writing, and conducting ethnographic research on Buddhist monastic practices in Southern California. As a graduate student he taught English composition and Religious Studies courses, while acquiring reading knowledge in multiple languages and delving deeper into the study of religion and states in Southeast Asia. It is during this time that he began to try guest teaching in a nearby district and discovered a calling in K-12 education. While continuing to teach at the college level after graduating, Mr. Greer simultaneously completed coursework and gained certification necessary to become a teacher. 

Since 2008, Mr. Greer has accumulated experience in teaching grades 5 through 8 as a multiple subject and single subject (U.S. History, Ancient and World History, and Honors English) teacher. In addition to teaching, he has coached basketball, coordinated and hosted campus-wide student performances, coordinated campus-wide young authors programs, been trained in the operation and analysis of data from radio telescopes in the Deep Space Network and how to implement this knowledge meaningfully into science curricula, etc. 

This recent move to Washington is sure to be a wonderful and rewarding new chapter! Opportunities to educate students in his various areas of experience abound as do new opportunities to learn and grow as an educator.

Thank you for the warm welcome to the Pacific Northwest!