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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's Degree from Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA - 2005 Master's Degree from Lesley University, Cambridge MA -2011 WA State Professional Certificate -2011

Mr. Seal

This is my 14th year teaching in the Mukilteo School District. When I'm not teaching, I enjoy spending time with my beautiful wife, walking our sweet Chocolate Lab, Reese, and being active. I row competetively for the Everett Rowing Association and also enjoy competive cycling. I also love baking pies, cakes, doughnuts, and basically anything chocolate! Another one of my hobbies is working on our historic 99-year-old home. We recently completed a kitchen remodel.



Dear Familes,

I hope you are all doing well and staying safe and healthy! Every student in our class has now joined our Google Classroom! The 2nd grade teachers are continuing to work together to create lessons that are fun, engaging, and help all our students learn from home. If you need any assitance logging into Google Classroom or helping your child complete the assignments, please let me know! If it's easier for your family, you may also choose to email me pictures of your child's work. If your child needs additional work, please check out the Choice Menus. There are lots of fun activities and projects they can do at home. Again, please let me know if you need any assitance at all! Have a great week! 

Mr. Seal's email:



Dear Families,

I hope you enjoyed the beautiful weather we had this past week! Thank you for your ongoing support at home helping your child complete their weekly assignments in our Google Classroom! The following information below is for famlies who have not joined Google Classroom yet. We now have some direction from the state level saying that 2nd grade students should be spending 60 minutes each day on school work at home. This will actually be easier to do if you have joined our Google Classroom. Please don't give up! Please email me at or contact the office at (425) 366-3300 if you need assistance or if you need to pick up your child's school materials. 

Here are some things you may work on if you have not joined our Google Classroom yet:

1. Read every day! Read books you have at home, read on RAZ Kids, or read along with a story on – the Username is: OliviaPark2020 and the password is: trial. Especially be looking for non-fiction (information) books. Look for things like a Glossary or an Index. Does the book have photographs or scientific drawings?

2. Do some math every day! Hopefully you picked up your bag of materials at Olivia Park. The math student workbook was in that bag. **Do pages 261-264 to practice understanding 3-digit numbers. Find a way to practice math facts. Math flashcards were in that bag of materials.

3. Write something every day! This week, our focus is on nonfiction research writing. Find a topic like an animal, landform, state, etc. that interests you and at least one resource about it (website, book, magazine, etc.) Find some really interesting facts and information about your topic and write about it. Include the topic you have chosen, a few interesting things you learned, and what resources you used.

4. Want more to do? Check out the Choice Menu link for more at home learning ideas and projects. 

Thank you again for your support! Have a great week! 



Dear Families,

All Olivia Park staff continue to thank you for your ongoing support at home! Thank you for helping troubleshoot and navigate Google Classroom, thank you for helping explain academic concepts to your child, and thank you for being the loving, positive influence in their lives during this uncertain time. This truly is a team effort and we can’t thank you enough for all you’re doing at home! By now, most of our students have joined our Google Classroom and are completing the weekly assignments. It is so awesome to see and I love providing comments and feedback on your work!

The following list below is meant for families who have not been working on the assignments on Google Classroom. If you have done the posted work and want more to do, please see the Choice Menu link. If you’re not in our Google Classroom yet, here are some things you can work on at home this week:

1. Read every day! Read books you have at home, read on RAZ Kids, or read along with a story on – the Username is: OliviaPark2020 and the password is: trial.

2. Do some math every day! Hopefully you picked up your bag of materials at Olivia Park last week. The math student workbook was in that bag. **Do pages 221-230 to learn about telling time. **Do pages 233, 234,237-242, 245-252 to learn about graphs. You probably won’t have time to do all of that, but do at least some of the telling time and graphing pages. **Do pages 236 and 244 for addition and subtraction review practice. Your 3rd grade teachers will expect that you know something about telling time and graphs, so it is especially important that you keep up with the math learning.

3. Write something every day! In the bag of supplies there was paper, your pencil case, and other notebooks and workbooks. Write about what you see out the window, write about your feelings, write your own made up story, write facts that you know about some topic, explain how to play a game or how to build with Legos. Write something!

If you did not pick up your bag of materials or need help connecting on Google Classroom, please reach me at or you may call the Olivia Park Office at (425) 366-3300 and leave a detailed voicemail with the best way to reach you.



Dear Families,

Thank you for your ongoing support at home! Please come to Olivia Park this week to pick-up your child's belongings, retrieve their school supplies, and return library books. Come Tuesday April 28th from 10:00 a.m-3:00 p.m. if your last name ends in A-M. Come Wednesday April 29th from 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. if your last name ends in N-Z. Students will need their school supplies as we take on new learning this week. Please put all workbooks in a safe place for quick reference!

If you sitll haven't joined our Google Classroom or are having difficulties with the assignments, please see the ideas below for ways you can support your child's learning this week. 

At Home Ideas for the Week of April 27 - May 1, 2020:

This work supports the lessons on Google Classroom for this week. These are some more ways that you might practice the new learning around making and using picture graphs, beginning to understand nonfiction text features, and writing by forming your own opinion.


This week we are working with picture graphs. Here are some ways to try making graphs at home:

*Take a bunch of books or toys or silverware or tools (anything!) and sort them into piles. You are making categories. You can sort by size or use or type or color-- any way you want! Then lay the items from each pile into a row. Put the next pile in a row below, lining up each item with the one above. You have just made a graph! Talk about the graph to your family. Which row has more? How many more? How many less than a different row? Challenge yourself to make a graph with three or four rows.

*Look in books or magazines for examples of graphs. Pay attention to the TV. Lots of graphs are being used right now to try to explain information about COVID-19.

*If you pick up your bag of materials this week you will have your student math workbook. Do pages 233-234 to practice using picture graphs and page 236 to review adding and subtracting.


This week we are introducing nonfiction text features. What does that mean? Text features are the parts of a book that supports the main writing (the text). Some text features, especially of nonfiction books, are Table of Contents, Headings, Glossary, Index, as well as diagrams, photographs, drawings, captions for pictures, special text boxes or blurbs, bold print, and even more! Look at non-fiction (information) books that you may have at home. If you don't have books, look on RAZ Kids. Pay attention to the ways authors are sharing information that are not just the words on the page. Look for those special "text features" listed earlier. Most books do not have all of these features and some have a lot and some only have a few. If you have sticky notes, put them in the books where you find the text features. You also can just show the pages to a grown up or use scraps of paper to mark the places you are finding the text features. Think about why the author might be using these fancy features.


We continue this week with forming an opinion and explaining it in writing. You can also practice saying your opinion aloud. The big deal as a second grader is that you need to give reasons (more than one!) and explain those reasons. Here is an example: McDuff Moves In is a great book. (my opinion) One thing that makes it great is that the character of McDuff is very sweet. He never is grumpy or bites. (a reason with an explanation for my reason) I also like it because it has a happy ending. I like books that make me smile when they are done. (another reason and explanation) Another reason that this book is great is because it made me laugh. I laughed when Fred was driving round and round looking for the dog pound. (a third reason with an example) This is a wonderful book! (restate opinion) Now, try this yourself. Explain to someone, in writing or speaking, your opinion about a favorite breakfast or toy or movie. It can be anything! Remember to give reasons and examples. Be listening this week for people around you to be saying their opinions of things. Do they give reasons?



Dear Families,

Thank you for ongoing support at home! Most of you have joined our Google Classroom; thank you so much! Some families are still waiting for computers, and that’s okay. New learning begins on 4/27 so we want to make sure everyone has signed up by then. Please join with this code when you are ready: kgn7r2i

English Instructions 

Spanish Instructions

This week’s main lessons, materials, and resources can be found in Mr. Seal’s Google Classroom. If you are having difficulty accessing our online classroom or haven’t joined yet, the ideas listed here will give you a good picture of what your child should be working on this week. Please use the “translate” arrow at the top right of this page, if needed.


Look through the books in your house. Grab a few books and make two piles. One pile is fiction (telling a story) and one pile is nonfiction (facts and information). You might need a third pile for books that are kind of in between or books you aren’t sure about. If you don't have books, go to RAZ Kids and look at the titles. Which books look like fiction and which look like non-fiction? Explain your thinking to someone at home.

Read a nonfiction book. Write three questions you still have about the topic. How could you find the answers to your questions?

Read, read, read. Aim for at least 20 minutes a day of non-stop, no-interruptions, totally-focused reading.


Look for clocks in your house. How many are there? Are they digital (only numbers) or analog (they have hands that move). What else do you have for telling time besides clocks? Pay attention to the time all day long. What time do you eat? Go to bed? What time is a favorite show on TV? Have someone look at a clock and you tell them when you think one minute has passed. What can you do in one minute? Say the alphabet? Count to 20? 100? 1000? Wash your own dishes? Wash the dishes for the whole family? What makes sense? Watch this video about how to tell time and then practice telling time on any analog clocks that you have at home.


Think about the books that you pulled out or saw on RAZ Kids under the Reading part above. Which book was your favorite? Why? Give reasons and examples to support your opinion. Say things like "This was my favorite book because..." or " I liked the part where the character said ... because..." Give reasons and explain. You are giving your opinion! Watch this video about opinion writing.

*Student Supply Pick-Up Next Week*

Please come to Olivia Park next week to pick-up your child's belongings and retrieve their school supplies. See the schedule below: 

  • Students with the last name ending in A-M pick up materials on April 28th from 10:00-3:00
  • Students with the last name ending in N-Z pick up materials on April 29th from 10:00-3:00
  • Families can have someone pick up their materials if they can’t make it.
  • We encourage families to come in a vehicle in order to keep an appropriate social distance but if that is not possible we will have a station for walk-ups.
  • We encourage students to return library books on April 28th or April 29th.
  • We will have Lost and Found materials out on tables in front of the school.



I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weather we had during Spring Break! This week we will start our transition over to Google Classroom. During this transition, please continue using the district provided review packets as well as RAZ-kids, Moby Max, Prodigy, or any other materials you've been using with your child at home. There will be several short assignments on our Google Classroom page to give students and parents practice completing and submitting assignments. I will be adding more assignments next week as we continue our transition. 

To join Mr. Seal's Google Classroom, please use the following code: kgn7r2i

Here are links for instructions to log on:

English Instructions 

Spanish Instructions

 As always, please email me at if you have any questions. Have a great week and thank you for your support at home!