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Ms. Hensler

Welcome! This school year is my 6th year teaching 4th grade at Olivia Park, the very best place to be. I love our school and our students!

  • Friday, 5/15/20

    Dear 4th grade families,

    I hope you are all doing well and staying healthy! As I’ve been in communication with families this week, some common questions have been coming up. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about our class distance learning are now posted on my website at this link:

    This covers questions about required work, zoom meetings, and support for students. Please note that I’m going to be holding two optional Zoom meetings per week starting next week: Tuesdays at 1pm specifically for math support to review tricky concepts from the lessons, and Wednesdays at 10:30am for check ins and games.

    I will send the Zoom meeting invite the day before the meeting, as the log-in has to change for each meeting.

    As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns, or if your child needs support. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    -Ms. Hensler

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  • Friday, 5/8/20

    Dear 4th grade Families,

    Here we are at the end of week 2 of new learning through Google Classroom! Thank you for all your support at home. Students have been doing a great job learning how to navigate Google Classroom and doing their best to complete lessons/assignments. As I’m learning more about Google Classroom myself, here are a few things I want to highlight:

    -After I check off student work I’m sending it back with comments to support learning. Students should look at those comments, and respond if I’ve asked a question or asked students to check their work.

    -Students should be watching the lesson videos all the way through as these show concepts in preparation for 5th grade. There are specific directions in the videos that will help with success on the assignments, too.

    I emailed info about next week's Zoom meeting. Parents, please check your email for this info. It was so fun to see and talk with all who joined our meeting this week! Just like last time, I’ll send out the log in information to parent emails the day before the meeting. It will be a different code each time. I hope to see everyone at next week's Zoom meeting!

    Let me know if you have any questions, and have a wonderful weekend 😊

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  • Friday, 4/24/20

    Hello Room 21 Families,

    Thank you for your support and patience as we’re working to get distance learning going. Students are doing an amazing job of logging into Google Classroom, completing work, and learning the routines!

    New learning officially starts Monday. Please have your students log in and complete required work daily if possible as I will be tracking participation. However, if they miss a day, they should still complete work and turn it in late. If your child is struggling with work completion or needs help, please let me know so that we can problem solve together to support your child.

    In math, we will be starting Unit 6-Fractions. In writing, we will be re-starting our Opinion Writing unit that we had just barely started before school closed. In reading, our unit is on determining important ideas and summarizing.

    Daily steps for Google Classroom online learning:

    1. Students need to watch the Morning Announcement first for updates and their responsibilities, and Mark as Done to check into our virtual class for the day (parents may want to watch this with students to see what is required for the day and any new info about distance learning)
    2. Complete all Required classwork in an order that works best for you
    3. Click on “View my work” at the top of the Classwork page – make sure nothing labeled Required is missing or incomplete (parents can monitor student work completion with their child if you’d like)

    As always, please email me if you have any questions or concerns :)

    -Ms. Hensler

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  • Monday, 4/20/20

    Dear Room 21 parents,

    Next week, families will be able to come to Olivia Park to pick up student materials/belongings that were left in our classroom. I will be putting all student materials into bags for you to take home, and there will be dates/times for families to pick up those materials. There will also be supplies such as paper/pencils provided to each student in their bags. Here’s the important information about student material pick up from Mrs. Pence:

    • Students with the last name starting with A-M pick up materials on Tuesday, April 28th from 10:00-3:00
    • Students with the last name starting with N-Z pick up materials on Wednesday, April 29th from 10:00-3:00
    • Families can have someone pick up their materials if they can’t make it.
    • We encourage families to come in a vehicle in order to keep an appropriate social distance but if that is not possible we will have a station for walk-ups.
    • We encourage students to return library books on April 28th or April 29th.
    • We will have Lost and Found materials out on tables in front of the school.

    As a reminder, distance learning will officially start on April 27th. We will be starting Unit 6 Fractions in math, Opinion Writing, and Summarizing/Identifying important information in reading.

    This week, please make sure your student is logging into Google Classroom every day so that they are getting familiar with the routine and how to use Google Classroom. This week there will be Morning Announcements posted every day for students to see what they are responsible for completing. If you can, please take a look at your child’s Google Classroom to make sure they’ve completed all their work. Many students are still struggling with understanding how to turn in assignments. I re-posted a video with today’s Morning Announcements to go over how students can check to see if they’ve turned in all their work. I’d appreciate the support with this if you’re able 😊

    ***If your child is struggling with using Google Classroom, the easiest way for me to support is to talk with you and your student over the phone while they have their device in front of them. Let me know if you’d like to set up a time to talk with you and your student on the phone. I am also happy to set up weekly phone check-ins with students if that would be helpful. Let me know what will best support your child and I will do what I can!

    I hope you are all doing well and staying healthy! Let me know if you have any questions about student material pick up or about Google Classroom.

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  • Thursday 4/16/2020

    Dear Families,

    While I did not send out a whole class parent email today, there is a new required assignment on Google Classroom! I am working on contacting all families individually to check in and make sure everyone is all set, or getting set up for distance learning. It's been wonderful to talk to so many families and students!  

    Students should be logging into Google Classroom each day if they can! This helps me work out any technological issues before we start new learning on April 27th. 

    I hope all families are able to enjoy the sunshine (safely) today!

    -Ms. Hensler

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  • Wednesday, 4/15/2020

    Good morning families,

    I got many responses from students on Google Classroom yesterday! There are now two required assignments posted about expectations and agreements for using Google Classroom for learning. I encourage parents to watch the videos for those with students if you’re able; it will let you know what learning is going to be like for students starting April 27th, and rules about using Google Classroom appropriately.

    As mentioned yesterday, students should start getting in the habit of checking Google Classroom every day. I’m also posting optional review assignments, and while they’re optional, if students are able to complete them it will help me work out any issues with assignments before we officially start new learning 😊 Lots of technology things to learn for all of us!

    Thank you for your continued support,

    Ms. Hensler

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  • Tuesday, 4/14/2020

    Dear Room 21 families,

    There are new assignments on Google Classroom! One is required, one is optional (but recommended!). Please have students read and follow all of the directions before submitting. Let me know if you have any questions!

    As students start getting into the habit of checking and completing Google Classroom work, I will start emailing less regularly and posting more of these updates on my classroom website.

    I'm looking forward to seeing assignments from students on Google Classroom!

    -Ms. Hensler

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  • Monday, 4/13/2020 Update:

    Hello Room 21 Families!

    Welcome back from Spring Break! Over the next two weeks, we will continue to review and practice using Google Classroom.  Please make sure and check our class website AND Google Classroom every day. Students should scroll through the Stream, AND go to Classwork and look for new assignments. In the coming week, I will post expectations for Google Classroom use for students. Students should look for due dates on assignments to know if there is a task to complete.

    If your child has not responded to the question posted titled “How are you doing?” please have them respond as soon as possible. New learning will be starting on April 27th!

    I am very excited to start working with each of you.  I miss you all!

    -Ms. Hensler

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  • Friday, April 3rd Update:

    Next week is spring break, so my next announcement will come on Monday, April 13th!

    Reminders/New Resource:

    *If your child has access to a device, please have them go onto our Google Classroom to check in! This helps me know how many students have been able to access Google Classroom so far, and who might need help after Spring Break.

    *I have made accounts for our students on Raz-Kids. Raz-Kids is a reading program that will allow students to listen and read along to just-right books. I am working on learning more about it, so for right now, they should just log in and go to the Reading Room, where they can pick out books to listen to and read just for fun!

    To log in:

    1. Go to
    2. Teacher username: henslersm21
    3. Click on student name
    4. Type password (it is the same as student Google Classroom passwords, for example: AB1234567)

    It looks like next week’s weather should be improving, so hopefully families will be able to spend some time outside (at a safe distance from others, of course) enjoying some spring sunshine. 

    Stay safe and healthy!

    -Ms. Hensler

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  • Hello Students and Families,

    Today is Wednesday, April 1st. Our Google Classroom is up and running!

    Directions for logging on from home are on the "Student Resources" page, along with a link to Google Classrom below the directions.

    If you are able, log in and there is an assignment for you to do to test out Google Classroom from home. The assignment is just one quick question and will not be graded. I can't wait to hear from you on Google Classroom! 

    Reminder: Review packets are available for pick up this week in the Olivia Park parking lot between 11:30-12! 

    -Ms. Hensler

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  • Hello Room 21 students and families! Here is the link for the review packets provided by the district. This is option, but a great resource for reviewing skills that we've learned so far this year.

    If the work feels too difficult or if you'd like more review opportunities, you can also look at the review packets for 3rd grade! 

    Paper copies of the packets will be available for pick up at meal sites listed here:

    Parents, feel free to email me with any questions.

    -Ms. Hensler

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