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Degrees and Certifications:

BA- English Creative Writing Baccalaureate- K-8 Teaching Cert

All About Me

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!  My name is Esther Moton and I am excited to be your child’s third grade teacher.  As we begin the new school year, I wanted to take a moment and share a little bit about myself with you.  I grew up in Washington and attended college at Western Washington University. I hold a BA in English and a Baccalaureate in Elementary Education. I have been a para-educator at Olivia Park Elementary, completed my student teaching at Challenger Elementary in a 3rd-4th split class and this is my sixth year teaching at Picnic Point in 3rd grade. I have a large family, I have been married for the last 15 years and we have 5 children, a college student, an 8th grader, a 3rd grader, a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old. I also have become a guardian recently to my nephew and cousin both high school students. I enjoy teaching and I am looking forward to a wonderful year.

Specialist Schedule Tri 2

Specialist Schedule
  • Homework

    Student walking with books in hand Planners:  Students have received a blue planner. The planner will contain important dates and homework information.  We will fill out the planner together each day as a class.  If your child does not finish their work in the provided class time, those assignments will become homework.    Please check your child’s planner daily and monitor the completion of all unfinished assignments.  Assignments are due during homework check each day. Homework goes home in their binder.


    AR Logs: Each week, your child is responsible for reading AR books and passing AR tests with a score of  80% or better by Thursday afternoon.  Please remind your child to be reading at least twenty minutes every night in order to meet their weekly reading goal (which we will set in class together). When students are reading, they need to be reading at a “Just Right” level. The students have been taught how to find a Just Right Book and should be reading these books nightly. Students will be allowed to check out at least 3 AR books from our library weekly. As long as they show responsibility and return books on time, they can take one book home at a time to ensure they have a just right book to read at home.

    Math:Man writing in a math book

    The main concepts students will be focusing on this year are multiplication and division. Students will be working to fluently name their multiplication and division facts as well as solve word problems that involve properties and rules with multiplication and division. They will see these concepts repeated in each unit from geometry to fractions. The biggest help that you can be for your children in this area is to practice their facts with them, the more fluent they are the easier other concepts will be for them. Students will also focus a lot of effort on explaining their thinking with math language and in writing. Students need to work on accurately talking about the methods and strategies they use to solve problems. For online practice check out Freckle or Khan Academy.

    Water bottles and Healthy Snackswoman holding apple

    Please bring healthy snacks, refrain from snacks that are messy and require a spoon or fork. Water bottles are acceptable at any time but must be brought home daily. Please wash and send back the next day.  We have a student who is allergic to nuts in the class please do not send any snacks with nuts in them to school.



    For more info please check out my Class Handbook.