Summer School

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    The Mukilteo School District offers a wide range of summer programs for their students, ranging from language acquisition, skill building, engagement and college and career readiness. WA State History, Elite Fitness, SAT/ACT Prep and Credit Recovery Programs. Summer School 2019 will consist of the following programs.

    • Elementary Programs - current K-4 students, building skills in reading and math for the next grade level, emphasis on STEM hands-on activities, balanced literacy and growth mindset.
    • Introduction to Middle School - designed for current 5th grade students who want to learn more about the expectations for middle school by learning helpful tips for success.
    • Middle School Programs - current 6-8 grade students, skill building in reading and math needed for success in the next grade, emphasis on engagement, making learning fun and growth mindset. Enroll by June 21, 2019
    • Introduction to High School - designed for selected 8th grade students to build upon 21st Century Skills in order to succeed in HS and beyond, emphasis on knowing how to be successful in high school through positive engagement as well as college and career readiness.  Enroll by June 21, 2019
    • High School Programs - current 9th-12th graders credit retrieval in various courses, skill building courses in reading and math and Enrichment with Elite Fitness and SAT/ACT Prep class.  Enroll by June 21, 2019
    • English Language Learners - current grades K-12, students will continue to develop language acquistion skills.

Summer School Contacts