It is important to us that registration takes place in person at the school.  If you are looking to register, please come to Mariner High School and pick up the registration packet.  At that time we will make an appointment for you to meet with our registrar.  Please be advised that in addition to the registration form you will need the following documentation:

    • Verification of your child's birthdate (itens used for verification can include:  birth certificate, passport, or document from a doctor's office showing your child's birthdate)
    • Immunization Records (including dates and immunizations your child has received)
    • Verification of address (documents used for verification include:  Purchase or lease agreement, a current utility bill showing your name and address)
    • Names and phone numbers of two emergency contacts (These should be people who the school can contact in an emergency if we cannot contact you)

    We look forward to meeting you and your student!

Last Modified on June 27, 2022