• We have a wonderful team of Paraeducators at Pathfinder who support students in a variety of ways.  They provide instructional and social-emotional support as well as supervision during breakfast, lunch, recess, and bus rides home.  In the classroom, Paraeducators lead small group instruction and offer one-on-one support to reinforce skills and concepts introduced by the classroom teacher.  In a school full of kindergartners, many students need behavior support so some team members guide social skills lessons, provide brain and body breaks, and guide students as they practice and apply problem solving strategies.  We also have Paraeducators that lead library lessons and take care of students in the Nurse’s Office. 


  • The Bumblebee pod is supported by Alysha Best and Teresa Golding.


  • The Grasshoppper pod is supported by Inga Johanson and Rie Kaku.  

Building Support

  • Hassiba Maidi-Boualamallah supports student learning throughout our building.  Erin Funk leads library lessons.  Annette Anderson, Missy Jackson, Jodi Iser, and Jennifer Bachman provide social-emotional support to our students.  


  • The Caterpillar pod is suported by Debbie Cleland and Dana Munoz-Doherty.  


  • The Ladybug pod is supported by Melissa Greenwood and Nick Adair.