• High School & Beyond Plan

    The High School and Beyond Plan (HSBP) has been a graduation requirement since 2009 and has specific requirements. A student’s HSBP is developed around three questions:  

    Who am I? , What can I become?, and How do I become that?  

    To answer these questions, beginning in grade 8 and continuing through grade 12, students will complete three career assessments, create a four-year course plan for high school, develop a résumé, and identify their career and educational goals.  

    VIDEO introduction to The High School & Beyond Plan

     *The completed HSBP portfolio is DUE November 15, 2023 for Running Start Student*  

  • Students: Check out your HSBP Schoology Course today!

    Directions for completing HSBP tasks have been created and uploaded to HSBP Schoology courses for students. The Join Codes for Kamiak....

    • Class of 2023: MXWC-2MXM-D7D82
    • Class of 2024: 8F2D-ZDMN-PXKXT
    • Class of 2025: 2ZBP-D3JM-KTKHN
    • Class of 2026: NGFZ-FQ9H-V384M 

    To join a Schoology course:

    1. Students, login to Schoology.
    2. From the top menu click "Courses" (which should be next to the Mukilteo SD Logo).
    3. On the right, there is a link that says, "My Courses". Click on it.
    4. To the right, there will be a button that says, "Join Course", click the button and add the join code.

    VIDEO resource from another school district that shows students, step-by-step, how to join a Schoology course using a join code: