Picnic Point Library Welcomes You!

    Dear Students and Families, 

    Sno-Isle Libraries are starting their summer reading program this week!

    Who:      All kids
    What:     Summer Reading Program at Sno-Isle Libraries
    When:    Begins this week
    Where:   Register and more information online

    Read for 10 hours and receive a free book.  Read more than 10 hours and be entered into the Grand Drawing. 
    The library staff made a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0Wsi2vRf6I

    Epic:   Many of you already use Epic, either through your child's classroom or with the library code djg3594.  They have been offering free remote access, which will expire June 30.  Epic announced yesterday that they will be continuing their Remote Access for 2 hours per day beginning on July 1.

    The Remote Access gives you access 24/7, while our school access is only during the school day.  You can still sign up and use the full Remote Access until June 30, and all Remote Access accounts will automatically roll over on July 1.

    To sign up, send me an email with your child's name, and I will send you an email with the invitation that you send to Epic.  A little convoluted, but worth it for 24/7 access!

    Sora:  The librarians, technology dept., and Sora have been working to make Sora available to our schools, and it is finally ready to use!  Sora provides ebooks and audiobooks at no charge, and you can link it to the Sno-Isle library to access more titles.  You will need a library card to check out books through Sno-Isle (see the Sno-Isle link below for instant access), but Sora is free with no cards, passwords, nada. A dyslexic font and high contrast are also available on Sora.  You will notice that the available range of books are K-12, they are not all appropriate for K-5.

    The Remote Reading Bundle expires on June 30th.  It will be replaced with a small, OverDrive sponsored collection.  Sora Sweet Reads & AudiobooksSYNC both expire at the end of July.

    • To use:  On the student site, click on the Clever icon.  
    • In Clever, find and click on the Sora icon.
    • In Sora, you will be asked to choose your school - which is not there.  Look for Mukilteo School District or put in the zipcode 98026 and when you see Mukilteo School District click and choose.  You should only have to do this step once.

    For practice:  Browse the Explore tab and borrow a book. Your book will open so you can start reading right away.  Close the book and go to your Shelf to see all your books.  From there you can tap Open Book or Open Audiobook to read or listen to an audiobook; or tap Options to renew or return the book and more.    


    MackinVia gives us access to over 5000 ebooks and audiobooks, which can be read through the free MackinVia reader app. They are available until Sept. 30.  Click the MackinVIA widget to log in:

    School:  picnic point (it will appear in a drop-down menu)

    Log in:   pp

    Password:  123 

    The home page will be another login page, but ignore the login for now, and click on one of the categories to the left to access the books.  Here's why:  You will see references to the student backpack - each student can make their own BUT we are working with the district so that each child will have a backpack accessible with their own student id and password.  This will be very helpful to teachers in assigning books and children in accessing them.  Hopefully this will happen soon!

    The menu on the left allows you to be very specific in searching for books, databases, and more.  I have taken down the links on our ebooks for the Lightbox and AV2 books because they are also available here and very easy to access.  I've also started making categories for us (455 books in Spanish) and generally trying to make it more "ours".  

    Have fun exploring!

    You always make me smile  smile

    Mrs. Miller heart


    Other News:

    • You have read over 325 books on Epic!!  So proud of you!

    • You can take AR tests at home for the foreseeable future. Click the link for access directions.  We have access to all AR tests; to see if a book has a test, check AR Bookfinder.  If you are looking for a newer book, keep checking back.

    • Here is a fun way to track your reading:  Real Dawgs Read.  

    • Check out this message from your PP family!  

    Sno-Isle Libraries
    The Sno-Isle library is always open online! No library card?  No problem!  You can apply for and receive your card online and get immediate access to ebooks and audio books, video streaming, kids online library, and much more for all ages.





Last Modified on June 17, 2020