• Danii Bowlden

    Hi y’all! I’m Danii Bowlden (you can call me danii or bowlden or comrade, but please, no mrs/mr/ms/mx). This is my fourth year in the district, and I am excited to be teaching health and PE.
    As someone who HATED my own PE and health classes in high school, I am passionate about giving many alternatives for working out, to show that “fitness” can look different for everybody. I believe health class should be the most important class students take in high school; it is all about real life and thinking about who you are as a person and how you can make certain decisions to become the best version of you.
    My hobbies include indoor soccer, rock climbing, teaching yoga, and hanging out with my girlfriend, our chickens, and my dog.

    Aerobic Walking/Weight Training:  https://watch.screencastify.com/v/OIe0Aml2HZrsq2xueA7O