• Julie Hills

    My name is Julie Hills, and I'm the Family Engagement Liaison for ACES high school.

    My job as the FEL is to help families support their students in many ways and make it easier to be an engaged parent/guardian. I’m here to answer your questions (or to direct you to the right person), and to help you:

    • stay informed about what’s happening at school
    • connect with teachers and staff, answer questions, and direct you to the right places
    • connect you with district programs and support
    • provide resources or direct you to people who can help with bigger needs
    • learn how to check assignments, grades, and attendance, and follow your child’s progress using district tools
    • find and create opportunities to volunteer and support our school

    Family/Student Resources

    I also run a small resource room with things our kids might need to be successful during the day, including healthy snacks, extra food, toiletries/hygiene items, and clothing. My office is in the ACES library. 

    • ACES Easy-prep packs food support: Please fill out this form if your family could use extra food on the weekend, or emergency food support for any reason. 
    • Resource page: Click here for a list of community resources and mostly-up-to-date upcoming events for family/student support.

    At ACES, we are a small community filled with people who want to see your kids succeed--please reach out if there is anything you need, or just to introduce yourself!
    Julie Hills
    (425) 366-3941 office