• Olympic View track photo displaying four team mates smiling

    Mukilteo School District

    Philosophy of Athletics

    The function of the athletic department is to provide a stimulating, competitive and enjoyable sports program for the students of the Mukilteo School District. Sports give an opportunity for participants to develop good sportsmanship, leadership, self-motivation, cooperation, competitiveness and self-discipline. Programs are designed to contribute to the development of character traits that will endure through the years and help individuals cope with the rigors of life.

    Athletics is a privileged activity and participation is voluntary. Students have complete freedom of choice in selecting activities within the limitation of the programs offered. Members of athletic teams should be sincere in their desire to represent the student body in a manner that compliments the school and community. As a member of a school team, athletes bring attention to themselves, their school, their parents and the community. Therefore, an athlete has a greater responsibility and obligation than most students. The regulations and special standards of athletic competition are necessarily stringent.

    District Athletic Department Goal

    The goal of the District Athletic Department is to continue to develop a comprehensive, 7-12, athletic program that promotes participation, sportsmanship, equitable opportunities, positive recognition and learning experiences for students as a continuation of the classroom in order to help prepare them for life after high school.