Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will I find in the Library?

  • What can I do in the Library?

  • When is the Library open?

  • What are the Library rules?

  • How many items may I check out?

  • When are items due?

  • What happens if I have overdue or lost books?

  • May I check out videos and DVDs?

  • May I use computers for games and other personal activities?

Research Support

  • Ethical Use of Information

  • Essential Questions and Thesis Statements

  • Be Web-Wise: Evaluate Information for Quality

  • Copyright Images, Music, and Video

  • Digital Citizenship: Ethical Use Tips


  • Online Resources and Passwords

  • Destiny Catalog

  • Digital Citizenship

  • Ed-Tech Resources

  • Good Reads

  • MSD Library Mission and Vision

  • Poetry Resources

  • Research

  • Using Keywords and Internet/Electronic Search Strategies

  • Staff Technical Support
    Copyright and Fair Use Guideline
    Hover Cam Manual
    Connect your projector to Screen Beam Instructions

    Staff Menu of Library Services

    Need a Book?

    • English Novel checkout is scheduled through Christine Thayer. Please contact her in advance.
    • If your students need a book you can send up to five students at a time with a pass. If you are sending more than five, please contact the Library to check our availability.
    • If your entire class needs to check out, please see Pam to sign up on the library calendar.

    Need Other Equipment?
    We do have other equipment for “Teacher Checkout Only.” Your students are welcome to use the equipment with your guided supervision. These items include:

    • 1 digital camcorder and 1 digital camera
    • 3 Av Carts with DVD/VHS + projectors and speakers
    • 1 laptop/projector/speaker cart.

    Need a Book List, Webpage, or Database Resources For Your Students?

    • Our library catalog offers a feature for building a book list as well as a website list that your students can use to do research. We can also pull books on carts for your students so you can use them in the library or have them checked out for class use. 
    • Need a Webpage of high quality links for research on a topic? Set up an appointment with Pam and we will create a list of valuable websites for your students.
    • Need a lesson on specific databases or search strategies within the database? Set up an appointment with Pam and she will be happy to guide your students to research effectively.

    Need a Lesson or a Book Talk?

    We offer the following lessons to help your students

    • Library Orientation (These are the rules; here are the tools.)
    • Book Talks throughout the year
    • Utilizing the Destiny Library Catalog (adding reviews, holds, searching, accessing resource lists)
    • Using Mukilteo School District Databases and eBooks
    • Web Evaluation and digital citizenship
    • Copyright and fair use, digital images, video, music and other sources
    • Research Strategies and Note Taking (Plagiarism, Quoting, Summarizing, and Paraphrasing)
    • On-line Citations and Bibliographies

    Anything else?

    If there is something that you do not see, please see Pam to collaborate and plan!

    Do you need a book or a DVD that would help make your teaching world easier? Do you know of a new series or a specific author that your students would love? Do you need to be trained on a piece of equipment, software, or webpage? Please contact Pam with your requests.

    Planning ahead to schedule a library space will ensure you get what you need when you need it.

    Planning ahead for a collaborative lesson will give Pam the proper time to gather or build the materials needed for a successful lesson for your students.

    If you need advice on copyright, policy and procedure, book challenges, or IMC materials, come and see Pam.