Student Services

  • A diverse group of teenagers socialize outside of a school.

    The goal of the Student Services Department is to provide support to schools and families through initiatives, programs, activities and services designed to support student academic achievement and well being.

    The Student Services Department oversees such activities as:

    • Chronic Absenteeism/Truancy (BECCA/Attendance)
    • Homeless: McKinney-Vento Act
    • School Transfers (In-District and Out of District Transfer Requests)
    • Student Discpline Hearings
    • Student Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying (HIB)
    • Student Rights & Responsibilities

Student Services Contacts

  • Beth C. VanderVeen - Director of Student Services and Athletics
    Fax 425-356-1280

    Janelle Parken - Interim Administrator

    • District McKinney-Vento Liaison (homeless students and youth and students/families in transition)
    • Foster Care
    • District Attendance
      Fax 425-356-1280

    Brenna Fullner - Administrative Assistant

    • Secondary Education - Student Services Secondary Schools: Grades 6-12
    • In-District Transfers Grades 6-12
    • Out of District Choice Transfers Grades 6-12  
      Fax 425-356-1280

    Judy Heminger - Administrative Assistant

    • Elementary Education - Student Services Elementary Schools: Grades K-5
    • In-District Transfers Grades K-5  
    • Out of District Choice Transfers Grades K-5
      Fax 425-356-1280

    Eugenia Collins - Administrative Assistant

    • District Attendance Specialist: Chronic Absenteeism/Truancy (Becca Bill)
    • McKinney Vento Speacilist
    • District Foster Care Liaison
      Fax 425-356-1280

In-District Transfer Requests

  • Each student in the district is required to attend the school designated for the geographic attendance area in which he or she resides.

    A parent or guardian may request that their child be allowed to attend another school in the district. Transfer requests must be submitted, via online form, to the Director of Student Services.

    In-District transfer requests have moved to an online form. We will no longer be accepting hard copy forms. Forms can be found on the Students and Families Forms Page.

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Choice Transfer Requests