• Student Expectations While Attending Home Games


    To Olympic View Students and Community:

    We work hard to create a positive atmosphere for all of our Athletes.  We encourage our athletes to demonstrate the highest degree of respect for their opponents, and we expect the same from our fans.   With this in mind, please make sure all our support is positive and that we never make negative comments about our opponents, or make disparaging comments towards officials.

    Students the following expectations are to be followed when attending a home game in the gym:

    • Activities busses leave Olympic View at 4:10.  If you are staying longer, prior arrangements must be made for a ride home.  No supervision is provided after the games.
    • Once students enter the gym, they must remain in the gym until a ride home has arrived. Gym doors open at 3:10 and close at 3:20 pm.
    • All students not with a parent will sign in on a check-in sheet distributed by our Athletic Director.
    • Students must remain seated in the bleachers during the game unless attending to personal needs.
    • Students may not have food or drink in the gym.  Clubs may sell concessions as a fund-raiser during the season.  The concessions must be consumed before entering the gym.