Emergency Procedure Guidelines: 

    Serene Lake has a plan for responding to emergencies and for providing information to parents. If an emergency occurs, parents will be informed through the school district’s Parent Notification System. This is why it’s important to keep your contact information up to date. Log on to the Mukilteo School district web site, use the Family Portal to check your child’s emergency contact information and the list of emergency contacts. If anything is incorrect or needs to be updated, contact your child’s school. 

    During an emergency, resist the temptation to call your child’s school or go to the school.  Do your part to keep the phone lines and nearby streets open for the emergency response effort. 

    Before an Emergency Event happens make sure you are signed up with ParentSquare to get the most current information and alerts.  


    The school district uses a system called ParentSquare to send important messages to parents via telephone, text, and email. These messages may be about your child’s attendance at school, balances on nutrition service accounts, and library fines, as well as important information such as school closures or delays. This automated system uses the contact information that is listed in a child’s student records. Please make sure that your child’s school has accurate contact information for your child.

    If you would like to change your preferences for how and when you receive certain messages, you can set preferences in ParentSquare, or, you may contact your child’s school (ex: no general outreach phone calls, just texts and emails).  Attendance and emergency messages will be sent to all numbers on file and are not eligible for "opt outs."

    Learn more about ParentSquare including how to utilize the two-way messaging feature in multiple languages here.https://www.mukilteoschools.org/Page/16164 

    School Closures: School may be delayed or cancelled because of weather conditions or other events. Bus routes may also be affected by unsafe travel conditions. Updated school closure information also can be found on the Mukilteo School District website www.mukilteo.wednet.edu

    In addition, most of the major radio (Everett – KRKO1380 or KWYZ1230 Seattle – KOMO1000, KING1090, or KIRO710) and television (KING, KIRO and KOMO) stations broadcast information about school closures. If you do not hear the Mukilteo School District mentioned, the District is operating under the normal schedule.


    Schools will remain open unless it is determined that travel to school is unsafe for students.  In case of snow or icy road conditions, buses will start at the usual morning time unless otherwise stated.  Any closure will be for ONE DAY ONLY unless otherwise stated in the announcement.

    Days missed during the school year due to inclement weather will be made up on otherwise non-school days, such as statewide in-service or following the last day of school in June.

    Snow Routes for Buses: If the weather creates unsafe travel conditions, the media may report that buses are operating on snow routes. A "School Snow Bulletin" is distributed in the fall with more details on snow routes. For more information, call 425.356.1306.

    Early Dismissal: Conditions may develop during the school day that may require school to be dismissed earlier than planned. Information about early dismissals will be provided to local radio and television stations. If school is dismissed early, a child will only be released to his or her parent or guardian or to a person authorized by the parent or guardian. It is critical that personal information is updated on a regular basis.  School staff will remain at the school until all students have left.