Family Center

  • Families can find helpful information and shortcuts to resources on the Family Center webpage.

    ParentSquare.  A notification system called ParentSquare is used to send important messages to parents via telephone, text, and email. These messages may be about your child’s attendance at school, balances on nutrition service accounts, and library fines, as well as important information such as school closures or delays. ParentSquare provides a secure way for schools, the district, teachers, staff and families to send and receive school and class information. ParentSquare automatically generates an account for each parent/guardian, using your the email address or phone number on file at your child's school, so you will receive communication from the school and the district. However, you must “activate” your account to use the two-way features and set your preferences for the delivery method and frequency of messages.  

    Family Access Portal. Qmlativ Student Information System is our system that supports student information such as demographics, grades, attendance, and other data that we need to support your student's educational records. Access the Family Access portal to check on your student's information.

    Visit your child's school website. The website of your child's school can provide information about classroom assignments and school activities. To reach the webpage of your child's school, go to the top of this page, click SELECT A SCHOOL and choose your child's school from the drop-down menu.

    Family Handbook. Are you interested in information about school district policies and procedures? The Family Handbook provides background information on topics such as registering for school, what to do when your child gets sick, report cards, student services, alternative education programs, summer school, and athletics.

    Emergency Information. Visit here if you want information about emergencies, such as the procedures for school closures, lockdowns, and shelter-in-place.

    Technology Family Resources. If students or families need help with district provided technology, visit our technology family resources page.

Student working on assignment.