Mukilteo School District Commonly Used Forms


  • If you have recently moved into the Mukilteo School District, welcome! We are excited to serve your students.

    A transfer request is NOT needed if you live within the Mukilteo School District and would like to register your student at the school that you now reside within the boundaries of. To check the attendance boundaries for your address and to register your student, visit our registration page.

    If you do feel that you need a transfer, below are descriptions and links to our transfer forms. Below the transfer forms are several other commonly used forms in the Mukilteo School District.

In-District Transfer Request Forms

  • An In-District Transfer Request is needed when you live in the Mukilteo School District, and you would like your student(s) to attend a school that is not your neighborhood school. It is also used when your student is already attending school, and you move during the school year within the district, but outside of the service area for your student's current school, and would like to request for your student to remain at their current school. If you are not sure what your neighborhood school is, we have the district map and Versatrans where you can see which school your student(s) should attend based on your home address. If you have any questions, please contact Judy Heminger for grades K-5, or Brenna Fullner for grades 6-12.

    If you are new to the district and need to enroll your student(s), please enroll them at your neighborhood school. You do NOT need to fill out a transfer request to enroll at your neighborhood school.

    If you move during the school year and would like to change your student's enrollment to your new neighborhood school, please contact your new neighborhood school and they will help change your student's enrollment. You do NOT need to fill out a transfer request to enroll at your neighborhood school.

    If you do need to request an in-district transfer: Please follow ONE of the links below. If you are requesting the transfer immediately in the current school year, choose the current school year link. If the request is for a transfer in the fall, please choose the upcoming school year link.

    Upcoming School Year: September 2023 - June 2024 In-District Transfer Request Form

    Current School Year: September 2022 - June 2023 In-District Transfer Request Form

    Translations: To read the online forms in another language, copy the correct form link above and paste it into Google Translate. Select your language and then click the link to open the form in that language.

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Choice Transfer District Release (Out of District Transfer Request)

  • Choice Transfer Request Portal 

    The Choice Transfer Request Portal is an online form submission tool used by most school districts within Washington State. A Choice Transfer request needs to be made when a student wants to attend a school outside of the school district where the student resides/lives, even if they are already attending the school. The parent/guardian shall request the release of their child by completing a Choice Transfer Request through the Choice Transfer Request Portal. Once the Choice Transfer Request is submitted by the parent/guardian, the resident district will determine whether or not to release the student. If it is determined to release the student, the resident district will submit the request to the requested district. Then it is up to the requested district to determine acceptance or denial to the school requested. As each of these steps are completed, the parent/guardian will receive e-mails to the e-mail address provided in the request. If you are unable to submit the request through the online portal, please contact your resident district. If Mukilteo School District is your resident district, the Choice Transfer contact for grades 6-12 is Brenna Fullner and for grades K-5 is Judy Heminger.

    Please note, per School Board Policy/Procedures 3141-P: choice transfer requests for schools at full capacity, as designated by the superintendent, will not be considered.

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