Student Services: Commonly Used Forms

  • Below and in the sites to the right are many commonly used forms in the Mukilteo School District.

    TRANSLATION - For online translation into another language, for any of the forms below: Copy the correct form link and paste it into Google Translate. Select the language needed and click the new link created by Google Translate to open and complete the form in that language.

    For the transfer forms: a transfer request is NOT needed if you have moved into the Mukilteo School District and want to register your student(s) at the school assigned to your address. If you have moved and need us to change your student's school of registration, please make sure your student's current school has your new address and then contact the new school to change enrollment. If your student(s) is/are not currently attending a school in the Mukilteo School District and you need to register them, check the school attendance boundaries for your new address and visit our registration page to register your student(s). If you do need a transfer form, they are linked below.

  • Choice Transfer Release/Request (Out of District Transfer Request)

  • In-District Transfer Request

  • Attendance: Pre-Arranged Absences

  • Harassment, Intimidation or Bullying (HIB) Incident Reporting Form

  • Home School Form for ages 8-18 - Intent to Provide Home Based Instruction

  • Homeschool Ages 2-7 Withdraw Form

  • Verification of Address for a Family

  • Verification of Address for a Student

Transfer Dates to Note

  • In-District Transfer Requests

    We begin accepting requests for the upcoming school year the first student day in January at 8am PST.

    Decisions on transfers are made in September, through the 7th day of school.

    Applications for transfers for the current school year will be accepted through March 31 of each school year. No new transfer requests for the current school year will be accepted after that date unless there is a recent change in the resident student's address.

    Out-of-District Choice Transfer Requests

    For the upcoming school year:

    New requests (including grade breaks going from Pathfinder to 1st grade, 5th to 6th grade or 8th to 9th grade) we begin accepting requests August 1st.

    Returning (or current students, not at a grade break) AND employee requests, we begin accepting March 1st.

    Per OSPI guidelines, the district has 45 days once we receive the transfer request to respond.

    Choice Transfer Requests received after the first day of the current school year will be reviewed on a monthly basis. All Choice Transfer Requests must be acted upon by accepting or denying the request within 45 calendar days of receipt by the District.