Welcome to Safety and Security

  • Keeping our students, staff and visitors safe is a top priority for Mukilteo School District. The District and each school has a comprehensive emergency management plan and Emergency Operation Team in place to prevent crises and also to be prepared should one occur. Our efforts are based in the foundation and knowledge of FEMA's ICS100 Incident Command System and the All-Hazard Emergency Planning approach of considering man-made, natural and technological disasters. Mukilteo School District continually reviews districtwide safety needs as well as the implementation of safety measures and training in order to ensure our District is prepared for changing conditions. In addition to being reviewed by the Safety Department, plans and policies are reviewed quarterly by safety committees at both the building and district level.

    The district's efforts regarding safety and security fall into three broad categories:

    • Finding ways to ensure that buildings and grounds are as secure as they can be through the use of best-practice prevention and mitigation solutions.
    • Practicing emergency response to make sure students and staff members know what to do should an event happen.
    • Offering services to support the social and emotional needs of students and staff.

    As the district enacts these practices, it solicits expert advice regarding the latest best practices regarding safety and security in order to develop solutions that are based on knowledge learned through past experiences.

    Mukilteo School Board's Commitment to Safety

    Jon Poolman
    Director of Business Services and Safety

    Brett Stewart
    Manager of Safety and Security