Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is school starting before Labor Day this year?

  • What will the first seven days of school look like?

  • Will multiple parents have logins to Schoology?

  • Will parents receive alerts if students aren’t participating or completing assignments?

  • Will we still have holidays and breaks?

  • When can students return to in-person instruction in schools?

Elementary Questions

  • What about elementary school supplies, materials and workbooks?

  • When do we receive teacher assignments?

Middle and High School Questions

  • What resources are there for parents to support new high school students?

  • When do we get our schedules?

  • What is the plan for Sno-Isle TECH classes?

  • What about Running Start?

  • What about zero and 7th period class options for high schoolers?

  • How are AP classes being handled in such a short semester? Tests are in May?

  • How are the performing arts classes going to be offered?

  • How will band and orchestra be handled?

Special Education Questions

  • What about 3 year-olds with an IEP for speech. Will they be able to get this service?

  • What about students who have 504s, IEP, or special needs? My child previously had afterschool tutoring as part of their 504. How will those services be addressed?

General Questions

  • I work during the day and will not be available to help my child engage in the school time learning. My child needs a lot of help. What are we going to do?

  • What is the district doing to support student and family mental health?

  • How will specific needs of EL students be addressed during remote learning, especially those who are new to the district?

  • What’s happening with PE and athletics? Kids need exercise.

  • Will it be mandatory to return to in-person instruction when cases decrease, or will families have option to stay with distance learning?

  • How will variances work this year?

  • Will playgrounds be open?

  • Are district facilities open for programs to use or rent?

  • Have a question you don't see answered here or elsewhere on our website? Send your question to Communications and staff will answer your question if the answer is known.