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Reporting a student absent or late to school. When your child is absent or late to school the State law requires documentation that the parent has called or sent in a note stating the reason for the student’s absence or tardy. Without this documentation, your child’s absence/tardy/early dismissal will be recorded as unexcused. Please contact our 24-hour Information Line before 9:00 am @ (425)366-2700 and press Option 1. If you do not report, you will receive a call from our automated attendance line. This is to ensure student safety. Absences/tardies/early dismissals are considered excused for the reasons stated below. Late arrivals must check in at the office for a Tardy slip. Under the laws of the State of Washington, attendance in school is mandatory. Absences are excused under this law for the following reasons: Student illness/family emergency/doctor or dentist appointments/religious observances/absences agreed appropriate by the school principal, provided that such absences do not cause a serious adverse effect upon the student’s educational progress.

Vacation/Travel. Please make every effort to plan family vacations or trips during regular school breaks or other non-school days. Absences due to vacation/family trips MUST BE PREARRANGED AND APPROVED BY THE SCHOOL PRINCIPAL. Please complete a “Prearranged Absence From” (available on the Discovery website or in the school office) at least 10 days prior to any planned absences. This allows time for the paperwork to be reviewed by Mr. Wong and your student’s teacher and for the Attendance Clerk to enter in the absences. Vacation/family trips which are not pre-approved may remain unexcused.