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Parking Information


Parking permits cost $45. Vehicles parked on campus are required to have permits displayed at all times with the school year and pass number visible through the windshield.  Parking permits are sold during Business Days: first to Seniors and then to Juniors on a “space available” basis.  Sophomores can purchase parking permits based upon availability.  Once lots are sold out, there will be no further sale of permits.    

To obtain a permit, students must: 

  • Obtain an ASB card for the current school year;  
  • Be clear and free of all financial obligations to Kamiak and/or fines from previous MSD schools; and 
  • Have a valid driver’s license, current proof of WA state insurance (student must be an insured driver), and current vehicle registration. RCW 46.30.020 

Parking Pass/Lot Information and Expectations 

Parking lots are the property of Mukilteo School District. Parking permit holders and drivers using Kamiak parking lots are expected to drive in a safe and respectful manner at all times.   

  • Always display parking permits from the rear-view mirror. 
  • Lost, stolen, or destroyed permits must be replaced immediately ($45) to avoid ticketing.  If the lost/stolen permit is recovered, then a full refund for the replacement permit will be issued. 
  • Students must park in the color zone that matches their permit. If a color zone is full, park in the Purple Lot. 
  • Parking in staff spots, a fire lane, visitor parking, the front circle/loop, East Campus (anywhere), behind Main Campus, between the Main Gym and portables, a Handicap spot without a permit, or medians/flower beds will result in a ticket and possible impound. 
  • All vehicles parked in Kamiak lots are subject to search with reasonable cause AT ANY TIME by school authorities and/or law enforcement (including K-9 drug units). RCW 28A.600.230 
  • Students and families may not access the road behind the Main Building from 6:45am-2:30pm. 
  • Vehicles should be locked when parked at Kamiak. Kamiak is not liable for theft or damage to vehicles. 
  • Parking in the Tennis Court Lot does not require a permit. However, individuals who park in the Tennis Court Lot are subject to all parking lot rules and search. 


Any of the following actions may result in a parking pass being revoked, a ticket being issued, disciplinary action, and/or towing and impound of the vehicle at the student’s expense:  

  1. Transferring a parking pass to another student (sale, trading, sharing, etc.). 
  1. Fraudulent parking passes. All parties involved will be subject to school discipline. 
  1. Speeding and/or reckless driving (anything over 5mph is speeding). 
  1. Using the vehicle to sell, use, and/or store illegal substances or weapons.  
  1. Repeated parking tickets or violations. 
  1. Leaving campus without permission and/or skipping. 
  1. Sno-Isle students who give rides to other students to or from Sno-Isle. 

Parking tickets are $30; however, multiple infractions may incur a higher cost. Parking tickets are reduced by 50% if paid within two (2) school days of the ticket date. Students have seven (7) days after a ticket is issued to contest the ticket with Dr. Cabrera. Tickets cannot be contested after seven (7) days. 

  • See the “Behavior Expectations” section to review possible consequences for violations related to parking/driving offenses, including closed campus violations.