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How do I translate a page into my preferred language? 🎦

In the Chrome browser you can download Google Translate to translate pages and speak content in various languages.

Video Descriptions

0:00 - Learn how to install the Google Translate Chrome extension.

0:08 - Open the Chrome browser.

0:11 - Go to

0:30 - Search for Google Translate in the search box.

0:34 - Click Add to Chrome.

0:35 - Click Add Extension.

0:39 - The Google Translate Chrome extension is now installed and avalilable to use.

0:43 - When on a web page you want translated to a language, click the Google Translate extension icon.

0:47 - When the Google Translate pop-up box is displayed, click translate this page.

0:52 - Click the dropdown button to display the available languages. Click your preferred language.

0:58 - The page is now translated into your preferred language.

1:03 - Click the Google Translate extension icon and then Extension Options to customize options.

1:06 - The Google Translate options allow you to choose your primary language.

1:11 - You can also choose pop-up translations options.

1:13 - Click save to save options.

1:20 - Pop-up options allow you to highlight text and then click the Google Translate icon to translate the text.

1:27 - You can click the speech icon to read the translated text aloud. 

1:39 - End of video.