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From the Principal's Office

 Principal's Office

Yesterday, I welcomed our Executive Director of Secondary Education and Deputy Superintendent for a tour at Kamiak. They visited classrooms and observed a passing time. They saw the same things that have brought me so much joy in the last week.

We saw students’ smiling eyes. We heard their voices. The friendly noise of students passing friends in the hall made us smile.

In Mrs. Bowker’s English classroom this week, I heard students analyzing 17th century Dutch masters’ art through the lens of contemporary poets. In Mrs. Towle’s Spanish I classroom, I heard students spelling words with one another for the first time. I can’t help but smile knowing how much those students will learn and grow in Spanish this year. I visited Mr. Idrogo’s Visual Communications classroom where students were getting an in-depth preview of the features of the DSLR cameras they will use this year.

We have had a great start to school – let’s keep it going!