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College in the High School

Good Afternoon Kamiak Families,


Many classes at Kamiak earn high school credit and offer college credit at the same time. That’s called dual credit. Most dual credit classes offer students the option of earning AP and/or College in the High School credit. For students would like to enroll in College in the High School program (Periods 1-3), there are important deadlines and information for registration below.

Register for College in the High School at Kamiak High School


Step 1  Apply Online for Admission at EvCC

Important: You will apply for Winter 2021 and for your Program of Study type in "College in the High School"

New students apply now! Follow these steps and tips to apply for admission to EvCC

Returning students: No need to reapply! Start with Step 2

We are currently accepting applications for Winter 2021. Be an early bird!!!


Registration & Refund Deadlines:

First semester and full-year classes (periods 1-3)

2020-2021 registration process opens on September 28

Step 1: Apply for Admission at EvCC: EXTENDED until NOVEMBER 30th.

Step 2: Complete the College in the High School program application: EXTENDED until NOVEMBER 30th.

Step 3: Register & pay for classes: EXTENDED until NOVEMBER 30th.

100% Refund: Friday, Dec. 4

Withdraw (no refund, and a permanent "W" posted to official EvCC transcript): Monday, Jan. 25, 2021

Please note: For full-year classes students must complete the full year. If a student transfers out at the semester break or stops attending they will not receive the college credit. No partial credit is allowed.


Second semester only classes (periods 4-6)

Step 1: Apply for Admission at EvCC: Mar. 1 - Mar. 19

Step 2: Complete the College in the High School program application: Mar. 1 - Mar. 22

Complete Registration Step 3: Registration deadline: Apr. 9, 2021

100% Refund: Friday, Apr. 16, 2021

Withdraw (no refund, and a permanent "W" posted to official EvCC transcript): Monday, May 17, 2021


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Step 2  Complete the College in the High School program application

You must complete this step before you can register for classes (Step 3). 


Program login

Hint - your default (Everett Community College) PIN is your 6 digit birth date.

Example: if you were born on January 6th, 1976, your PIN would be 010676


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Step 3  Sign in first, then register and pay for your classes 


Only students who have finished the requirements of the program application (Step 2) and are SIGNED IN will be able to see the "add to cart" button. If you don't see the button you have not finished the PAM requirements. See College in the High School's registration page for details.


Class choices:

American Government

Calculus I

Calculus II

English Composition I

General Physics I

General Physics II

General Physics III

General Psychology

German II

German III

Intro to Literature

Intro to Statistics

Introduction to Chemistry

Introduction to Education

Introduction to Forensic Sciences

Japanese III

Math in Society

Precalculus I & II: Algebra and Trig

Spanish II

Spanish III

Spanish IV

Spanish V

Surviving the Holocaust

US History I

US History II

US History III

Walk, Job, Run

Western Civ to 1648




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Register and pay.

Learn about payment options >


Program Costs and Fees

Each College in the High School course is five (5) college credits and costs $220. The cost for an equivalent course taken at EvCC can be as much as $535 and that does not include the cost of textbooks, parking, and other fees. This is a significant savings to the student! There is an additional $31.80 fee to take the placement test. All fees are due at the time of registration.


Courses at the high school may be 5 credits for the full year's coursework or may be 5 credits for each semester at the high school. The high school teacher can explain the course term.

Full year classes require the student to complete the full year in order to earn credit. If the student does not complete the full year they will not earn any credit - partial credit is not awarded. 

View withdrawal and refund deadlines >


How to Pay

After completing steps 1 and 2 of the registration process, you are ready to register and pay for classes. Payment can be made via credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover) using the online registration system (preferred).  If payment will be made via check, cash, GET, or payment plan, please contact the operation team at for assistance.


Additional Payment Options



Grants and Other Funding Available


Guaranteed Education Tuition Funds

You may apply Guaranteed Education Tuition (GET) funds to this program. If using GET funds, you must register via email to


Deferred Payment Plan

Everett Community College offers a payment plan for students who need more time to pay their fees.

The Payment Plan form is now digital!! The student must complete and submit the form.  Both parent/guardian and student signatures are required to be eligible for the Tuition Deferral/Payment Plan.  Once the form is received, CCEC staff will set up registration and verify fees.  To finalize the registration process, contact the operations team to complete the first payment.  The parent/guardian will be considered the responsible party for all payments


CHS Fee Waiver Program

If you are a student in the EvCC Service District (Snohomish County) who is receiving Free or Reduced Lunch, you may qualify for the EvCC College in the High School Fee Waiver program. The waiver will cover fees for two 5-credit courses per academic year. This waiver has limited funding!

If you are eligible for the tuition waiver and would like to apply, please indicate your interest in Step 2 - Program Application. The application will allow you to select the two fee waiver courses, which CCEC staff will complete the registration and payment process. Free or Reduced Lunch status will need verification prior to the fee waiver award.  If verification is needed from the student, an email requesting verification will be sent to the student's email on record.

If registering for additional classes (other than the fee waiver courses), you can choose to register and self-pay for the additional courses/credits. Self registration and payment will take place after you complete Step 2 - Program Application and receive your "Ready to Register" email.  This email includes step-by-step registration guidance.  Registration information can also be found at the CHS registration information page.

If you qualify for the CHS fee waiver program, you may also qualify for a scholarship to attend EvCC after graduation.  Email DeLon Lewis at or call 425-259-8274 for details.


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Don’t forget to check your email! You’ll receive updates on the status of your enrollment from Everett Community College.

Click here to review all registration and refund deadlines >


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If you need more information and would like to speak to your school counselor and/or career & college counselor please call them at:

Mrs. Smith-Proffitt  A-C  425-366-5452

Mrs. Spies   D-H   425-366-5456

Mrs. Bell   I-Mh   425-366-5454

Dr. North  Mi-Sa 425-366-5455

Mr. Stengele  Sb-Z  425-366-5452


Career & College Counselor

Mr. Stelling 425-366-5430


You can also contact your College in the High School Coordinator (Dr. Cabrera, Assistant Principal at Kamiak High School). For any questions, please contact Dr. Cabrera at or call directly at 425-366-5421.