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Important Back to School Information

Weren't able to attend your Business Day? All steps listed below can be accomplished after school begins.



  • SCHEDULES: On the first day of school, students will collect their finalized schedule with teacher names and classroom numbers. 
  • TEXTBOOK CHECK-OUT: Students collect textbooks for all the classes listed on their schedules
  • LAPTOP CHECK-OUT: The district is providing a laptop for each Kamiak student. This is optional for students, however, this form is required for students to be issued a laptop. Bring your completed form with you.
  • ASB VALIDATION: NEW! The ASB validation cost is normally $40. For the 2021-2022 school year, the Mukilteo School District is providing ASB Validation at no expense for our students. Students with ASB validation receive a discount on their yearbook purchase, reduced admission to Kamiak activities and events, free admission to home athletic events, and are eligible to purchase a parking permit.
  • YEARBOOKS: Bring your completed Kamiak Payment Form and payment to purchase a yearbook.
    • All students get the ASB-discounted price this year ($50), payable by cash, debit/credit card (check payable to Kamiak High School).
    • Note: Yearbooks are sold by pre-order and must be purchased before Winter Break in December
  • PARENT CONTACT FORM: Please bring this completed form only if you have made changes since last year.
  • PARKING PERMITS: Seniors and Juniors may purchase and receive year-long parking permits during the appointed senior/junior Business Day only. After that, parking permits will be available to purchase on the first day of school. The following requirements must be met:
    • Current 2.0 GPA (cumulative or from previous semester)
    • Be clear of all fines—including textbooks and library books
    • Obtain an ASB validation for the 2021-2022 school year
    • Provide a valid driver’s license
    • Provide vehicle license plate numbers (2 vehicles maximum)
    • Provide proof of current insurance on the listed vehicle(s)
    • Parking agreement signed at the time of purchase, therefore a parent or other “representative” may not purchase the permit for the student
    • Have a separate check for $45 made out to Kamiak High School for a parking permit
  • SCHOOL SUPPLY LIST: There is NO LIST for high school

  • FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL: The return to on-site learning as a whole school body will begin with a “staggered start” focused on helping orient our newest students to Kamiak. This is part of our District’s Student Well-Being Recovery Plan. Please watch for more information about this initiative as we approach the first week of school.

    • Wednesday, September 1 – Freshmen On-Site Only - 7:20 am - 2 pm

    • Thursday, September 2 – Sophomores On-Site Only - 7:20 am - 2 pm

    • Friday, September 3 – All Grades On-Site - 7:20 am - 12:45 pm

      - Fridays, school ends at 12:45 for Learning Improvement Time

  • SCHOOL BUS ROUTES: Students assigned to school bus routes will be mailed information from the District Transportation Department prior to the start of school. For questions, call 425-356-1306.


    • September 17: Photo MAKE-UP Day – for those who have NOT had a photo taken yet

    • September 29: Curriculum Night

    • Oct 4-9 Homecoming Week

    • October 29: Photo RETAKE Day – for students requesting a new photo (Must bring the unsatisfactory packet to exchange for the same packet with a new photo), AND for students who have not had a photo taken yet.

Enjoy the closing days of summer vacation! We look forward to seeing you during your Back-to-School Business Day, and as we begin the year in September.